Mac Installation Help

Mac Installation Help

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This information only applies to our paid products. For our free products, please see the documentation provided in your download.

Mac Installers Discontinued 

Unfortunately we've found it necessary to discontinue our Mac installers. While installers are not necessary, they are convenient so we hope to provide them again in the future.

Installation Information 

IF necessary, you can install the MIDI files manually. It all depends on what you're using for your drum sounds. With most software, installation of MIDI files isn't even possible. If you use Logic or Garage Band it is not possible so please see the next section.

Bottom line: Most users don't need to install MIDI files! Our installers support a small number of popular apps. You'll find installation instructions for all of them plus a few more below.

Apple Products 

At this time (early 2024), it isn't possible to install MIDI files into Logic or Garage Band. The loop browser window only auditions audio files, not MIDI files. Feel free to store your MIDI files anywhere that's convenient for you.

You should use our General MIDI files with Logic and Garage Band kits because they usually follow the General MIDI drum mapping. 

General Information

Here are the most important things for you to know:

All of the MIDI files are stored in the folder named: "Other MIDI Mappings"

Each folder inside the "Other MIDI Mappings" folder contains the same files but in a different format.

If you need General MIDI files you'll find them here:

Other MIDI Mappings/<Product Name> GM

Installation instructions can be downloaded here:

To find the files for a specific app, download the PDF linked below:

Installation for Popular Apps 

Here are installation instructions for the most popular drum apps:

Addictive Drums 2:

Beat Buddy:


EZdrummer 2:

EZdrummer 3:

Superior Drummer 3:

Steven Slate 5:

Note: The instructions above work for SSD version 5.5 also. 


For additional details, please see the following file in your download: "Installation and Support Info"

If you still need assistance, please let us know. Our contact information can be found in the Contact Us section of our website.

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