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BFD 3 Installation


We include loops for BFD 3 in our full MIDI drum loop packs. Installing for BFD3 is easy. Some packs have BFD3 files but if not, you can import our BFD2 files.

Video installation tutorial:

There are two ways to install our files into BFD3. The files are in the “Other MIDI mappings” folder of your download.

Using BFD3 files:

  1. Copy the BFD3 folder from our “other MIDI mappings” into your BFD3 "grooves" folder.
  2. Example: Users\[user_name]\Documents\FXpansion\BFD3\GroovesOpen BFD3
  3. Go to BFD3 menu item: Tools -> Set up content locations
  4. Click "Rescan All Content Paths"

Using BFD2 files:

  1. Select ‘Set up content locations’ from the BFD3 ‘Tools’ menu
  2. Select your ‘BFD3 Core Library\Grooves’ location from the list
  3. Open the BFD3 ‘Grooves’ folder by clicking ‘Search Folder’ (see the buttons below the list)
  4. Paste our BFD2 folder into your BFD3 ‘Grooves’ folder
  5. Click ‘Rescan Selected Content Path’ or ‘Rescan All Content Paths’ (slower)

Note: you can also place the files in your BFD3 User ‘Grooves’ folder. It’s typically within an Fxpansion folder inside your ‘Documents’ folder.

Example: C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\FXpansion\BFD3\Grooves
IMPORTANT: click ‘Rescan User Content Paths’ if using the ‘User’ folder.

Tech Support: If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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