Privacy Policy

Privacy and Data Policy

Groove Monkee collects and retains data provided by you (the customer) for the sole purpose of delivering your digital goods (purchases) and providing you permanent access to your purchases.

We collect and store the customer details you provide (but NOT your payment information) and order data on our e-commerce provider’s server. We also collect a subset of order information for our Legacy Account area. This information includes name (if provided), email, order date and items purchased.

The legacy area is the front end to a permanent database of orders and provides our customers permanent 24/7 access to the most recent versions of their purchases.

Email Address

Your email address is required so we can deliver the download link to your purchases. It is also the information needed to register your purchase in our Legacy Area.

Purchase History

We maintain a record of all your purchases: purchase date, items ordered, amount paid, payment method (but NOT payment info), and IP address used to make the purchase. This data is necessary for our ecommerce system to fulfill orders, allows us to send you product update info and give you permanent access to your downloads.

Billing Address

A billing address is required if you’re using a credit card to make a purchase. For fraud protection, we verify the billing address and Card Verfication Code (CVC) for such orders. If you’re using PayPal or some other similar method, the information you enter for billing address is irrelevant.  

Payment Data Is NOT Collected or Retained by Groove Monkee. We do not retain your payment data (credit card information). We have NO access whatsoever to your payment account information.

Phone Number

You may choose to provide a phone number with your orders. If you do so, your phone number will be stored on our e-commerce provider’s server.

Username and Password

Your user account typically uses your email address as your username, and a password of your own choosing. Password data is encrypted in our e-commerce provider’s server’s database and cannot be accessed (only reset).

Data Privacy

Groove Monkee ONLY shares retained data with a limited amount of established companies on an “as needed” basis. These companies include:

Send Owl: Send Owl delivers our download links and has access to customer name, email and order details but not payment information, customer address or telephone number. When we update a product, we often send product updates through Send Owl. Send Owl will send you a link to the update. Please notify us if you no longer want to receive these updates.

Yotpo: Yotpo is a review collection service that emails customers to get their feedback on recent orders. Yotpo has access to order details like email address and items purchased.

MailChimp: If you subscribe to our newsletter ("receive marketing") we use MailChimp to send our monthly newsletter and occasional messages about product updates, site changes, etc. Each message has an "unsubscribe" button at the bottom.

Groove Monkee does not knowingly share retained data with any other entities or individuals.

Data Security

Your data is stored in our e-commerce provider’s database, which is owned and operated by Shopify. Our website is encrypted over secure HTTPS with an SSL certificate (also owned by Shopify), and all payment information is handled securely by our payment processors: Shopify, Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.

Cookies and Tracking Information

We use cookies on our site to save your login status. While logged into our site, you can access your account info and download previous purchase (for purchases since 2016). We also use cookies in our Legacy Area to track your login status.

We use Google Analytics to monitor anonymized traffic information about how visitors arrive to our website, and what behaviors or actions take place on our website. We do not track actions outside of our own website.

We also use Vantage to provide aggregate, anonymized sales information (sales, abandoned carts, repeat customers, etc.). Your personal information is not part of this data.

If you are on our mailing list (hosted by Constant Contact), we may periodically email you with announcements of new product releases, sales, discounts, special offers, product updates and critical information about our site (scheduled downtime, new policy or procedures). You may unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time, although in doing so, you may no longer receive emails regarding updates to products you have purchased.

Your Rights

At any time, you may log in to your User Account to view all your information stored on the server. What you see in this area (email, physical address if any, purchase history) is the entirety of the data we store.

You may also email us at and we can provide the raw data above as it is exported from our e-commerce platform (Shopify). Please allow up to three full business days for us to process these requests.

You may also at any time request that we remove your user data from our store. Please keep in mind that by doing so, you will be unable to view or re-download your previous purchases.