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Our Read Me File

Need help? You can view or download our latest product manual HERE

We've recently updated instructions for Addictive Drums, BFD3 and Abbey Road Drums.

Video Tutorials



Still need help? Check out the FAQ below or open a ticket from theSupport-> Contact Uspage.

ALL of the MIDI files are stored in the folder named 'Other MIDI Mappings'.

Most users should start with our General MIDI files. Those files are stored in the folder ending with 'GM'

This document will help you find the files you need for specific apps: Apps To Folder Table

This document maps our folder names to specific apps: Folders To Apps Table

Cubase MIDI Preview

Cubase does support MIDI previewing (auditioning). Please review our post Auditioning MIDI in Cubase for details.


Payment Methods

We accept Apple Pay, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB and American Express.

Others: Bancontact, iDEAL

Battery Support

We now have Battery 4 kits. If they're missing from your download ("Extras" folder), please contact us.

Kit Installation Video

LoopsPlease our GM Mapped loops with our Battery kits.

Mappings and Formats

Yes, you can use our MIDI files in any software or hardware that imports MIDI files.

We sell industry standard MIDI files (SMF) and include files for most 3rd party drum apps such as Addictive Drums, BFD, EZdrummer, Steven Slate, Superior Drummer and many more.

You'll find all of the files in your download's  'Other MIDI Mappings' folder.

For more information, see our Apps to Folders Table

Beat Buddy Installation

Here are some resources to help you install our files into your Beat Buddy.

Beat Buddy Freebie Install

Beat Buddy (Paid) Install

Installation Blog Post

Warning: Before installing a PBF file into your Beat Buddy, you must download and install their Beat Buddy Manager software. Then you MUST create a project per their instructions!


We now send download links in email. Please check your "spam" folder if you don't receive the email within 5 minutes of completing your purchase.

Previous Purchases: you download previous purchases at our "legacy account" area using your email and legacy password. (Support menu -> Legacy Accounts). Use the password reset to gain access, if necessary.

Note: New purchases are available in the legacy account area within one hour.

New users: use the password reset to access the legacy area.

Previous Purchases

Previous Purchases: may be downloaded from our "legacy account" area found at:

Support->Legacy Accounts

Please use the password recovery to reset or obtain a password.

Support: If you can't access your downloads, please contact us. We'll be happy to assist you.

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Previous Purchases may be downloaded from our "legacy account" area:

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Cakewalk Usage Instructions

For the online version of Cakewalk, please see Using MIDI in Cakewalk

For PC based software see

The files are stored in the "Other MIDI Mappings" folder. Look for the folder with “Session Drummer” in the name.

Studio One Usage Tips

Studio One 4Playing MIDI Loops in Studio One 4
Studio One 5Playing MIDI Loops in Studio One 5
Studio One 6Playing MIDI Loops in Studio One 6

I hear piano not drums!

MIDI files have no built-in sound. What you hear depends entirely on how you use them!

Common Mistakes

1. Playing a MIDI file with Windows media player or Quicktime. This may or not work. It really depends on the MIDI file's MIDI channel setting.

It's best to use music software such as Studio One when working with midi files. Other examples are Sonar, Cubase, Reaper, Acid, Live, FL Studio, Reason, GarageBand and Logic.

2. Using the wrong files for your particular drum sounds. Example: using our loops for Addictive Drums with a drum kit mapped for GM (general midi).

General Usage Tips

1. Since these are MIDI files, it best to import them into whatever music software you're using to record your music (GarageBand, Logic, Cubase, etc).

2. Once you have a MIDI file on a track inside your music software, you need to set the output of the MIDI file's track to drum sounds (hardware or software).

2A. If you're using a drum machine, route the track's output to the appropriate MIDI out port and turn on your drum machine and speakers. Just make sure all of the cables are connected, etc.

2B. If you're using software drum sounds, load your drum program and assign it to your drum track. Make sure you load a kit as well!

3. You need to choose the correct format for the drum sounds you're using. We recommend that you start with our "gm mapped" files in the "Other MIDI Mappings folder". The folder will end with 'GM'.

4. Please understand that your music software may choose a piano (GarageBand is notorious for this) rather than drums after importing one of the loops. If it does, switch the output to drums!

5. Tutorials describing how to use MIDI files and "software instruments" should be available. YouTube is another great place to learn about using your particular software with MIDI files (as well as just about anything else).

Finally, please contact us if you need assistance and haven't found the answer in our Read Me file. We offer support 7-days a week.

Groove Agent 4 and 5

Files for Groove Agent 4 and 5 are stored in the "other midi mappings" folder of each download. The folder names have "GA4" at the end. You may download the latest version of your purchases from: Support->Legacy Accounts.

Groove Agent 5 Install Instructions are in our Read Me file.

Click here to download our Groove Agent 4 Instructions. Special thanks to Terje Sandberg for supplying most of this information!

New Account Registration

To register a new account, please go to the Account Registration Page.

Note: You will receive an account activation email. Please check your SPAM folder if you do not see it.

Abbey Road MIDI Installation

Video installation tutorial

To install our midi loops into Abbey Road Drums, please follow these steps:

1. Find your Abbey Road MIDI folder(s). Each set has its own Content\MIDI folder and each MIDI folder has 2 kit folders
2. Close Abbey Road Drums
3. Copy our "Studio Drummer" folder into EACH Abbey Road KIT folder
4. Repeat for EACH Abbey Road set (1960s, 1970, etc.)

Note: you'll find our "Studio Drummer" loops in the "other midi mappings" folder of your download. They are NOT in the installer.

Tip: You can find your Abbey Road Drums content folder by clicking on the gear-shaped icon for Additional Library Options. It will probably be in a location like this:

F:\Programs\Native Instruments\Content\Abbey Road Modern Drummer\MIDI Files

Sets and Kits

Modern Drummer is a "set" and it has two kits. Each kit has a MIDI folder. Copy our folder into BOTH kit folders. Repeat for all other Abbey Road sets (1960s, 1970s, etc.) you have.


The purchaser of this product/license may use the contents in their own commercial and noncommercial compositions/releases with no additional costs to us. Be sure to clear any other potential copyright claims.

The copyright of Groove Monkee' products and all included MIDI files, audio files and/or audio demos, is retained by Groove Monkee, and is licensed to the purchaser (via paid download) for use in commercial and non-commercial music releases. Only purchasers of this product/license from, or authorized distributors, have the legal right to use the contents in their own "original" musical releases and/or in advertisements, soundtracks, and television or film music productions. All rights not expressly granted to the user are reserved.

The contents of this product may not be used (wholly or partly) in the creation of any competitive product; including but not necessarily limited to; Sample Packs, Sample CDs, Sample DVDs, Virtual Instruments, Expansion Packs, Production Music, Library Music, Subscription Services, App Contents (Mobile or otherwise), or in any other collection or service, in any format, or in any product that would involve the re-licensing of Groove Monkee’ product copyrights, without our permission.

The contents of this product are not to be used "isolated" in your musical works. They must be used within the context of a musical piece mixed with additional parts. Any audio demos are provided as “demos” and they are not licensed to you, and they may not be re-created or used in their current state. You may not re-sell this collection or transfer it to a third-party, as a purchased license is a single-user license and non-transferable.

All copying, lending, duplicating, re-selling, renting, uploading, file sharing or unauthorized trading of this content (or any part of this content) is prohibited by international copyright law.

If you have any questions about our product licensing, please contact us for assistance.

Downloading Previous Purchases

Please login at: support menu > legacy accounts

The legacy area uses its own password system. Use the password reset to get a temporary password or contact support, if necessary.

We can also help you determine which products you've purchased already.

EZdrummer's "Tap to Find"

Yes, our loops will appear in "tap to find" searches. It's very simple to set it up. Please start EZdrummer 2 and perform the following steps:

1. Click on Menu-> Settings -> MIDI Libraries
2. Select the MIDI Libraries tab
3. Click on each pack’s “check box”
4. Click OK


Addictive Drums Compatibility

Our loops will work with Addictive Drums 1 and 2. They are mapped properly and will appear in the "Beats" browser window. Here are some resources to guide you through the installation:

AD2 Install video

Installation guide

Steven Slate Drums Compatibility

Our paid products include files for the following versions of Steven Slate Drums:

  • Steven Slate Drums 3.5
  • Steven Slate Drums 4
  • Steven Slate Drums 5

As of November 16th 2018 we now support Steven Slate Drums 5. Installation instructions are included in each download (read me.pdf). You can view our Read Me file here: Installation guide

Do you accept Bitcoin?

No, we do not accept any cryptocurrencies, sorry. 

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are now of the right side of the CHECKOUT screen. To get to the checkout screen, click the Checkout button on the lower right side of the shopping cart screen.

"Can I upgrade to the Mega Pack?

Yes, please contact sales _at_ and request a personal upgrade price. Please include your full name and any email addresses you may have used to place your order(s).

I have macOS and cannot run your installer

We now have an installer for Mac Os 'Catalina' and beyond. You can always download your purchases again. Please contact us for assistance.

Note: Most users do NOT need the installer. It only copies MIDI files for a limited number of drum apps such as Addictive Drums, BFD and EZdrummer. You can easily do the installation yourself.

For install instructions and more information, please review the "Read Me" file in your download. The most recent version is always listed here at the top of the FAQ page.

If you cannot run the installer, Apple has instructions on running 'older' apps like ours. You can read about it HERE

Note: please see the section named "How to open an app that hasn’t been notarized or is from an unidentified developer".

Please contact us if you need additional assistance with your purchase.

How do I add MIDI files to EZBass?

You can add our MIDI bass files to the EZBass 'User MIDI' folder.

1. Select the EZBass 'Grooves' tab

2. Click the 'User MIDI' drop down arrow (left side)

3. Select 'Open in Explorer' (or Finder if you're on a Mac). This will open the EZBass User MIDI folder

4. Copy the Groove Monkee folder into your EZBass 'User MIDI' folder

5. Click 'Sync File Changes' (Grooves tab, 'User MIDI' drop down)

It's a best to remove any documents from our folder, if necessary

Why is my download account suspended?

File sharing is not allowed. We understand that accounts get hacked so we do have an appeal process. If you think your account may have been hacked please contact us and we'll investigate and provide you with a detailed report of your download activity.

What information is used to determine account suspensions?

We monitor the number of downloads, IP addresses used, locations (including city, country, postal code), ISP name, etc. Accounts with abnormal download patterns will be automatically suspended by our system. Repeat offenders will be permanently banned.

If you think your account may be compromised, you may apply to have your account access restored. We reserve the right to deny appeals or place accounts on "probation" status (please see below).

Probation status

Accounts may be placed on "probation". This means that you cannot login to the download area but we will provide one-time links to your files upon request.

Duplicate Loops

No. We do NOT sell the same loop in more than one pack! Each pack includes its own unique loops and no duplicates. We DO NOT repackage the same loops in order to create more packs.
Exception: The Variety pack. Also, the Mega Pack, Combo Packs and the Producer Pack are collections of individual packs. They include ALL loops and all mappings and formats, not just a selection.