Common Product Questions

Q: Are these MIDI files?

A: Yes, we only sell MIDI files. We do not sell audio loops.

Q: Will these files work with my software?

A: Yes, 99% of the time. Here's what you need to know.

- Software Compatibility: You can import our MIDI files into ANY software that imports MIDI files.

- Virtual Instruments: We include MIDI files for apps like Addictive Drums, BFD, EZdrummer and many more.

Click here to view the list: Groove Monkee Product Mappings

Q: I don't see my drum sounds listed. Now what?

A: We may still be able to help you:

1. Even if your virtual instrument isn't listed, please contact us! Many instruments can use General MIDI (GM) mapped files.

2. We can and do map the files to match anything out there. Just send us the mapping.

Q: Are these arranged in song format?

A: Yes, many of them are. The product description will tell you if it is. For Combo packs, the information is available on each pack's page.

Q: What time signatures are included?

A: Time signatures are listed in each product's description. If none are listed, then it's all 4/4.

See also: Different Time Signatures By Product

Q: How do I install the files?

A: Each download has a link to instructions - many with links to videos. Our "Read Me" is also available here: Product Manual

If you get stuck, please contact us. We WILL get back to you!

Q: I have another question, now what?

A: Please contact us. Support is usually available 7 days a week. Our contact info is listed here: Contact Information

Q: How long have you been selling MIDI drum loops?

A: Since 2004.