Installation and Support

Installation and Support

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This post should help you understand the files included in your purchase and provides links to installation instructions for most popular drum apps.


ALL of the MIDI files are stored in the “Other MIDI Mappings” folder of your download. You do NOT need an installer. See below for additional information.

General MIDI Files

Most users only need the General MIDI files. To find them, look inside the “Other MIDI Mappings” for the folder that ends with "GM".

Note: These are type 1 files mapped to channel 10 per the MIDI standard.

All of the other files are for specific drum apps.

File Tempo and Time Signature Info

Tempo: The first three numbers of the file name represent the recorded tempo. 

Time Signature: If there is no time signature, the beat is in 4/4 time. Otherwise, the time signature follows the tempo. 

Example: "080 6-8 Verse 1" means the tempo is 80 BPM in 6/8 time.

Finding Files for Specific Apps

1. This file helps you to find the files you need by app:

Apps to Folders Table

2. This file links folder names to apps. Example: "AD" is for Addictive Drums.

Folder Names to Apps


Running the PC installer is not usually necessary. The installer only supports a limited number of apps and most users do NOT need it. The apps supported will be listed when the installer starts.

Important: Toontrack now recommends different installation methods for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer (please see the relevant links below).

Note: We no longer support Mac installers, sorry. 

Installation Instructions

Here are links to our installation instructions for the most popular drum apps:

Addictive Drums 2 Installation Instructions

Beat Buddy Installation with the Desktop App

Beat Buddy Installation with the Online App

BFD3 Installation Instructions

EZdrummer 2 Installation Instructions

EZdrummer 3 Installation Instructions

Steven Slate 5 Installation Instructions

Superior Drummer 3 Installation Instructions

Product Guide

Our product guide has additional installation instructions, our license agreement, a glossary and more: Groove Monkee Product Guide


Please contact us if you need help. You'll find our contact information on our Contact Us Page

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