Midi Loops for Abbey Road and Studio Drummer

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We provide midi loops that will work with both Studio Drummer and the various Abbey Road kits (both by Native Instruments).

Which Loops?

To avoid duplication there's one folder for both products named "Studio Drummer". In our full products, you'll find this folder inside the "other midi mappings" folder.

Note: They are NOT included in the installer.

Here's some information to help you get started with our midi files.


Studio Drummer

1. Open our "Other midi mappings" folder.

2. Copy our "Studio Drummer" folder into your ‘Studio Drummer Library\MIDI Files’ folder. These files work with the default Studio Drummer kit mappings and will appear in the groove browser.

Abbey Road Drums

This example uses Abbey Road "Modern Drummer" but all versions should be similar.

Create a "Groove Monkee" folder in your "Abbey Road Modern Drummer Library/MIDI Files" folder for EACH drum kit.

Note: Modern Drummer has two kits so I did this for the white kit and then copied it into the sparkle kit folder.

Now copy our "Studio Drummer" loops into the "Groove Monkee" folders. You can put multiple Groove Monkee midi packs in these folders.

Mapping: Abbey Road allows you to change the internal mapping of their kits meaning you can also use our GM (general midi) or Superior loops with Abbey Road.

Note: the 1960s kits originally did not have the ‘remap’ feature so you may need to upgrade if you’re not running the latest version.

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May 09, 2015

I have an older copy of Abbey Roads drum, and downloaded the free midi grooves. Thanks they work great!

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