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Studio Drummer Installation

Abbey Road Drums Studio Drummer

Studio Drummer Installation Video

Studio Drummer Installation 

Installing our MIDI loops into NI Studio Drummer is a simple copy & paste operation. Please not that you should NOT run the installer. Simply follow the instructions below.

  1. To install our midi files into Studio Drummer, first locate your Studio Drummer Library folder. Inside, you will find the “MIDI Files” folder. See below for assistance.
  2. Copy our “Studio Drummer” folder into your “MIDI Files” folder. It's in our "Other MIDI Mappings" folder, NOT the installer!
  3. Restart Studio Drummer (if open during the install).

    Finding your MIDI Files folder

    You can find your Studio Drummer Library in several ways.

    Method One

    1. Click the options "gear-shaped"  icon and select “open containing folder” (located on the right as shown below).

     Studio Drummer Options

     Method Two

    1. Click on Kontakt Player’s “Options” menu (shown below).

    image 2
    Kontakt options menu


    2. Click on the “Database” tab and find the Library path (see below).

    image 3
    Studio Drummer library location

     Abbey Road Drums

    Also, this procedure also works for Abbey Road Drums. The only difference is that Abbey Road has a MIDI folder for EACH drum kit in EACH Abbey Road Product. For example, Modern Drummer has 2 kits, each with its own MIDI folder. 

    Please contact us if you need support installing our midi loops into Studio Drummer or Abbey Road Drums.

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