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Beat Farm: Free MIDI Beats

Welcome to the Beat Farm

Feel free to browse and download these free beats and fills. The Beat Farm is a side project offering high-quality MIDI beats to the public free of charge. These sets are typically unpublished material or sets we've done for the fun of it. If you like the grooves, please spread the word by linking to this page! Enjoy!

Audio Demos 

If you're having problems with the demos, you can listen here.

Chilled Beats 1 
8 slow, spacious grooves and fills suitable for a wide range of "chilled" tracks.

Chilled Beats 2
10 "chilled" grooves and fills with snare, clap and side stick versions.

Hip Hop Beats 1
10 grooves and fills with snare, clap and side stick versions.

Pop/Rock Half-Time Ballad
9 half-time grooves and matching fills suitable for pop & rock ballads.

Funk Set 1
19 laid-back and loose funk grooves and fills.

Motown Beat
11 versatile, classic grooves and fills

7-4 Metal
17 metal grooves and fills in 7-4

Check back beats harvested weekly!