Import a PBF File using the BBMO

Import a PBF File using the BBMO

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In this post I'll explain how to import a PBF file using the online version of the BeatBuddy Manager. Please be aware that the desktop version of the BeatBuddy Manager is discontinued.

Note: Currently, the online version requires Chrome, Edge or Arc. 

Find the PBF File

If you purchased a BeatBuddy compatible MIDI pack from us, here's how you can find the PBF file:

  1. Open the "Other MIDI Mappings" folder of your download
  2. Open the folder that ends with "BB" 
  3. You'll find the PBF file(s) inside the folder with "PBF" at the end.

Mega Pack Users

  1. Open the "Other MIDI Mappings" folder of your download
  2. Extract the zip file named "Mega Pack BB" 
  3. The PBF files are stored in the folder named "PBF Files"

Setting Up Your Project

Important: Before you can use the Beat Buddy Manager, you MUST set up a project.

See "Setting Up for the First Time" in the BeatBuddy Manager Online Manual. Once you have a project, you can install a PBF file using the instructions below.

Note: You can access the manual from the support page of Singular Sound's website. Please see the links below.

Installing a PBF file

Installing a PBF file is easy. It only takes a few clicks!

Click on "Import Song" in the upper right side of the Online BeatBuddy Manager. Please see the image below.

Select the PBF file and click "Open". This will add the PBF file to your project.

Next, save your project by clicking the "Save Project" button (upper right side).

If you're ready, you can now sync the project to your BeatBuddy's SD card.

Beat Buddy Manager Online - Import PBF File button

Sync to your SD Card

Once you have saved your project, you can sync it to a connected SD card.

First, connect your BeatBuddy or insert the SD card into your computer.

1. Click on Sync to SD Card (upper right side - see image below)
2. Select your SD card as the location for the sync
3. Leave the browser open and keep your computer from going to
sleep or the process will slow down or stop.


If you have questions about our products, please contact us. Our support info is located on our Support menu's Contact Us page.

BeatBuddy Support Links

If you need assistance with your BeatBuddy or the BeatBuddy Manager, please contact Singular Sound support. For your convenience, we've posted some related links below.

Support page:

If any of the links below are broken, please try the link above.

BeatBuddy Manager Online
BeatBuddy Default Content (SD backup)
BeatBuddy Manager Online Manual

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