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Importing a PBF File Into BeatBuddy

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We've been supporting Beat Buddy by Singular Sound since 2015 and have quite a few products with PBF files.

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What's a PBF? PBF files allow you to get MIDI files into your Beat Buddy very quickly. Each PBF contains multiple "songs". Each song has a intro fill, outro fill, one or more song sections and fills for each section.

We also have a Beat Buddy Freebie that includes a PBF.

In this post I'm going to outline the Beat Buddy PBF file installation process. It's actually very easy. Let's get started!

Finding the PBF

Beat Buddy Freebie:

If you have our Beat Buddy Freebie the PBF file is stored in the folder named 'Freebie PBF File'. 

If you made a purchase:

The Beat Buddy content is in your download's 'Other MIDI Mappings' folder. The image below shows the 'Other MIDI Mappings' folder. This folder contains all of the other formats we support such as Addictive Drums, EZdrummer, General MIDI, etc.

Groove Monkee Other MIDI Mappings folder

All Beat Buddy folders have 'BB' at the end. There are 3 folders inside, one with the PBF file.

Mega Pack Users: The Beat Buddy files are stored in a zip file named 'Mega Pack'. Extract that file and look inside for the folder named 'PBF Files'.

Importing the PBF File

Before you start

You MUST create an initial project inside the Beat Buddy Manager software BEFORE you can add any PBF files.

There are only two steps to create the initial project as outlined in their 'Getting Started' section.

Tip: You can access the instructions by going to the 'Help'  menu of the Beat Buddy Manager software.

Warning: Please follow the steps from the 'Getting Started' section very carefully!

Groove Monkee Instructions

Step 1

  1. Open your Beat Buddy Manager
  2. Click: File Menu > Import > Folder (see note below)
  3. Browse to the PBF folder inside your Groove Monkee download

      Note: you're not importing a folder but a PBF file. See step 2 below.

BeatBuddy Manager Import

Step 2

  1. Open the folder with the PBF file
  2. Select the PBF file you want to import
  3. Click 'Open'

Step 3

Click > File Menu > Synchronize project

This will add the PBF file to your pedal.

Synchronize BeatBuddy image

 Important: Remember to connect your SD card or your Beat Buddy and turn it on first!

Step 4


Getting Help

If you need assistance with our products, please contact: support at

For assistance with the Beat Buddy manager, please contact Singular Sound.

Additional Resources

We have quite a few blog posts about Beat Buddy. Here's a single post with links to all of them: Great Resources For Beat Buddy Users


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