Steven Slate Drums 5 MIDI Installation

Steven Slate Drums 5 MIDI Installation

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In this post I'm going to explain how to install MIDI files into Steven Slate Drums 5. Installing 3rd party files into SSD 5 is easy – it's just a copy and paste operation. But I've got a tip on finding the "grooves" folder and advice on avoiding the biggest mistake users make during this install.

We also have a video tutorial linked below.

If you have any questions about this or our support for SSD 5 in general, please contact us.

Video Tutorial

1. Find your SSD5 Grooves Folder

The easiest way to find the "Grooves" folder is to look at your SSD5 settings page. The settings page shows your "SSD5Library" folder location.

IMPORTANT: The grooves folder is inside the "SSD5Library" folder. Do NOT install MIDI files into the SSD5Library folder! You must install them into the 'Grooves' folder.

Tip: Click "Select Base Dir" to open the library folder.

The image below shows the location of your SSD5 base directory. It's on the settings page.

SSD5 Settings Page

2. Find the Groove Monkee Files 

Open the "Other MIDI Mappings" folder of your download.

Look for the “SSD5” folder. The folder you need is inside and ends with ".lib".

IMPORTANT: Make sure you install ONLY the folder with .lib at the end! 

3. Install the MIDI Files 

  1. Close SSD5 
  2. Copy our folder (ends with ".lib") into your SSD5 “Grooves” folder
  3. Restart SSD5

The biggest mistake users make is installing the folder that ends with SSD5. You actually need the folder inside! If the grooves don't appear in SSD5, this is the first thing to check.

Groove Monkee and Steven Slate Drums

All Groove Monkee MIDI Drum packs now include files for SSD5. The files are mapped and specially formatted for Steven Slate Drums 5. 

Try Free MIDI Loops For SSD5

Now you can try before you buy. Download free MIDI grooves for SSD5 here. The download includes installation instructions and a link to our install video.

Previous Customer?

If you need need the SSD5 files for previous purchases, you may download again from our Legacy Accounts page. Use the password reset to get a legacy password, if necessary.

If you need assistance, please let us know.


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