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Free MIDI Loops for Steven Slate Drums 5

SSD Steven Slate Drums

You can download some free MIDI for Steven Slate Drums 5 below.

Our loops are properly mapped and formatted so you won't have to change the mapping. And because they're formatted properly, you can audition and then drag them into your music software without worry.

Download Free MIDI Loops for SSD5


The download includes installation instructions and we also have an install video:

Please note that the video was recorded using one of our commercial products. So please ignore the reference to the "Other MIDI Mappings" folder. The free download has the one folder you need. 

The installation is easy but if you have any questions or problems, please contact us for assistance.

Commercial Loops for SSD5

All of our MIDI loop packs have files mapped and formatted for SSD5 along with many other formats. The freebie pack includes some of those loops so you can get an idea of our work. 

Note: Afro-Cuban percussion does NOT have files for SSD5. 

Need another mapping?

We can remap your purchases to just about any mapping. We just need the product's mapping scheme which is often in the product manual. If you're interested in this free service for paying customers, please email support at

Thanks for reading and enjoy the grooves!








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    Thank you so for this wonderful groove Monkee

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