How to Install MIDI Files into Superior Drummer 3 with a Linked Folder

How to Install MIDI Files into Superior Drummer 3 with a Linked Folder

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There are several ways to install MIDI files into Superior Drummer 3. In another blog post, I discuss an alternative method in detail.

This method is by far the easiest and fastest but you cannot move or delete the files once you've installed them. If you do, you'll have to remove the linked folder and install it again.


First, store the folder you want to install in a permanent location on your computer.

Finding Our Toontrack Files

To find our Toontrack files, open your product folder and then open the 'Other MIDI Mappings' folder.

Look for the folder that ends with 'Toontrack'. Example: 'Blues Toontrack'

  • For individual packs, install the folder inside of our 'Toontrack' folder.
  • For our Mega Pack, install the folder named 'Mega Pack Toontrack'. This is stored as a zip file so you'll have to extract it first. 

Next, open Superior Drummer 3 and install the files per the instructions below.

  1. click on the 'Grooves' tab
  2. click on 'Options' (upper left side)
  3. click on 'User MIDI and Linked folders'
  4. click on 'Add linked folder'
  5. select the folder you wish to install and click 'open'

IMPORTANT: Make sure you activate the following setting:

Grooves > Options > User MIDI and Linked Folders > Show MIDI files from Subfolders

The video below demonstrates the process of adding a linked folder.

Warning: As stated above, you cannot move the linked folder. If you do, the files will no longer be available and you'll have to install the folder again.

Superior Drummer 3 Compatibility

All Groove Monkee MIDI Drum packs are compatible with all versions of Toontrack Superior Drummer. We've been supporting their products since 2006!

Questions? Need Help?

If you need assistance or have questions about our products, please let us know. You'll find our information on our Contact Us page.

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