BFD3 MIDI Installation

BFD3 MIDI Installation

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In this post I'll explain how to install our products into BFD3 or "BFD Drums" as it is known since the company was sold to inMusic Brands. Then I'll show you how to find and play the files you just installed. This is all very easy so let's get started!

Find the Files

You can install our BFD2 files - they are 100% compatible with BFD3. 

You'll find the BFD2 folder in the 'Other MIDI Mappings' folder of your download. Look for the folder with 'BFD2' at the end. Some of our products have BFD3 files that you can use. There's really no difference.

Note: This does NOT apply to our free downloads. 

Video: the video below shows the location of the BFD2 or BFD3 files in your download

Install the Files

To install the files, you simply copy and paste our BFD2 or BFD3 folder into your BFD3 'Grooves' folder.

Find your BFD3 Grooves Folder

Important: There are usually two BFD3 'Grooves' folders. Do NOT use the one inside the "BFD3 Core Library"! 

On both my Mac and PC, BFD3 was installed into a folder called 'BFD Drums' inside the 'Documents' folder. You may have chosen a different location during installation. Here is the location of the user 'Grooves' folder on my computers.

PC: C:\Users\[username]\Documents\BFD Drums\BFD3\Grooves

MacUsers/[username]/Documents/BFD Drums/BFD3/Grooves

Copy our folder and paste it into your BFD Drums/Grooves folder.

Tip: you can easily find the location of your BFD3 installation by clicking on the 'Tools' menu and then selecting 'Set up content locations'.

The image below shows the BFD3 install location on my Mac

BFD3 Content location

Rescan user Content Paths

The last step is to rescan your User Content in order to add the files into BFD3.  

Here's how you rescan your BFD3 content:

  1. Click on the 'Tools' menu
  2. Select 'Set up content locations'
  3. Click on 'Rescan User Content Paths'

That's it! You should now be ready to jam!

Video: Add new content by scanning your BFD3 user content

Play the Files

To find and play the new grooves, go to the 'Grooves' tab. Then click on the 'Library' button. You'll see a drop down list of products including ours. Select the product you want to explore and the grooves will appear in the section below.

To see all of the files in a specific bundle, double click on it. The individual files will appear at the very bottom of the left hand side.

Note: the numbers listed next to the products are the total number of BUNDLES included in the product, not the total number of files. A bundle may contain up to 36 individual MIDI files. 

In the video below, I select our 'Big Easy' pack and play a couple of grooves.

video: Find and play grooves from a specific product


Need help?

If you have questions or need support, please contact us. Our contact information can be found on our Contact Us page.



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