MIDI Loops for EZdrummer 3

MIDI Loops for EZdrummer 3

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Our MIDI loops are fully compatible with all versions of EZdrummer (Superior Drummer also). We started producing MIDI loops in 2004 and have been supporting Toontrack since 2006.

We currently have 34 MIDI packs for EZdrummer and Superior Drummer totaling well over 35,000 MIDI files. We also support over 2 dozen other apps such as Addictive Drums, BFD, Steven Slate, Studio Drummer and many more.

All of our MIDI packs (except Afro Cuban Percussion) are compatible with EZdrummer. Installation is easy (please see the links below) and you can use features like Tap-to-find and Search within EZdrummer 3.

Browse Our MIDI Loop Collection

EZdrummer 3 Installation

There are several ways to install our MIDI files into EZdrummer 3. Please view these posts for specifics:

Usage Information

You can use 'Tap-to-Find' and Search with our MIDI files. No set up is required to use these features with EZdrummer 3.


Just drag one of our MIDI files into the EZD3 'Tap-to-Find' box as you normally would. Of course, you can also play a beat. Either way, our files will be included in the search results.


You can also use EZD3 sophisticated search options and our files will be included in the results. You can search for specific grooves in EZdrummer 3 using text or their preset options.

Text Search

In the video below, I do a text search for Tom grooves in our Mega Pack. There were a LOT of results! Then I selected the Twisted pack to narrow down the results in order to get some less traditional grooves.

Search Preset Options

EZdrummer 3 allows you to search for beats or even fills many different ways. For example, you can search by time signature, straight vs. swing feel, by hi-hat vs. ride cymbal and many more.

In the video below, I search for 3/4 files in our Mega Pack then select a specific product and then a specific folder before playing one of the grooves. 

What's really cool is that EZdrummer highlights all of individual packs that have beats in 3/4!  From there, you can do more filtering before selecting a pack matching the genre you're working in (jazz, country, metal, etc.).

Tip: How to open the folder containing a specific file

The video below demonstrates how you can open a specific folder to get access to all of the files related to a groove you've found. This is another one of those really nice little features provided in EZdrummer 3.

In summary, our MIDI packs are fully compatible with EZdrummer 3 (and Superior). They're easy to install and you can use Tap-to-Find along with the other search methods provided in the EZdrummer interface. If you're looking to add more grooves to EZdrummer, check our our diverse collection of high quality grooves played by working professional drummers.

If you have questions or need support, please contact us. Our contact information can be found on our Contact Us page.

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