Krimh Drums Overview

Krimh Drums Overview

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Krimh Drums Free by Borgen Digital is a cutting-edge software instrument bringing contemporary, high-energy metal drum sounds to your DAW of choice.

Created by acclaimed metal producer Jens Bogren, whose credits include Arch Enemy, Opeth, and Kreator, in partnership with the drummer Kerim “Krimh” Lechner, this instrument promises a fresh and modern sonic palette.


Krimh Drums Free is available absolutely free from Borgen Digital, a producer of high quality samples and music production plugins.

The free version includes a great sounding metal drum kit with the following:

  • Double kick drums (with automatic double kick feature)
  • Hi-hat with 10 articulations
  • 3 Crash Cymbals
  • China, Ride and Splash Cymbals
  • 3 Toms

To use Krimh drums, you must install Kontakt Player by Native Instruments. Good news: you can use the free version of Kontakt Player also.

MIDI Browser

The plugin includes a MIDI browser that allows you to audition MIDI files and drag and drop them into your DAW (music recording software).


The full version includes an impressive looking mixer. Unfortunately, the mixer is disabled in the free version.

MIDI Browser

The MIDI browser window ("Grooves" window) allows you to audition MIDI loops and drag them directly into your recording software. This is a great, time saving feature because many DAWs like Apple's Garage Band and Logic don't support it.

Below: the location of the "Grooves" Window

Krimh Drums Grooves button

At the time of this writing, (February of 2024), the Krimh MIDI browser window plays files mapped per the General MIDI standard and will convert them to the Krimh kit mapping when you drag them into your recording software.

Note: We include drum loops mapper per the General MIDI standard in all of our MIDI Drum Loop packs.

Proper Tom Triggering

Another nice yet overlooked feature implemented by Krimh drums is the fact that all tom hits will be triggered, even if you're using the free kit. For example, if your MIDI contains low floor tom hits (General MIDI #41), Krimh will redirect those notes to the high floor tom. Many similar products fail to do this requiring the user to move MIDI notes around. 

MIDI Loops

The free version of Krimh  drums includes 12 MIDI files. The full version includes over 100 files.


The free version of Krimh Drums is a great sounding metal drum kit with some interesting features such as automatic double kick drum playing and a MIDI groove browser.

Unlike many other free kits, Krimh drums includes a complete drum kit with detailed hi-hats, 5 cymbals and 3 toms. 

While it requires the Kontakt player by Native Instruments, it's definitely worth checking out!

You can download Krimh drums by visiting Borgen Digital.

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