Using ML Drums

Using ML Drums

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In this post, I'll explain some of the features and attributes of ML Drums, a great-sounding drum app that's been getting really popular lately. 

MIDI Files for ML Drums

We now include MIDI drum loops for ML Drums in all of our MIDI Drum Packs. You'll find the grooves in the folder named: Other MIDI Mappings

Inside, look for the folder that ends with "ML Drums".

Example: "Blues ML Drums"

If you've made any purchases in the past, you can download the latest version here:

IMPORTANT: You will to create a password the first time you try to login there. Your web shop password will NOT work.

Use the password reset to get a temporary password. Temporary passwords expire in 30 minutes.

Note: Our files are optimized for the paid version of ML Drums version 2. See the kit limitations of the free version below.

Drum Maps for ML Drums

We also include a set of ML Drums "drum maps" for several leading DAWs: Cubase, Magix, Reaper and Studio One.

You'll find the maps in the 'Extras' folder of your product download.  

What's a drum map?

A drum map is a visual editing tool. It adds drum names to your music software's MIDI editing screen. This makes it much easier to program and edit MIDI beats. See the image below for an example.

ML Drum drum map for Studio One

ML Drums Kit Summary 

ML Drums has MASSIVE kits! Here's a breakdown of what most kits include.


ML Drums includes a staggering 9 cymbals plus a stax and a bell.

Most kits have 3 crash cymbals, a ride, 3 china cymbals and 2 splash cymbals. Impressive! 


ML Drums sounds fantastic and it comes with a large selection of kit presets. It's truly amazing how good modern drum apps sound compared to 20 years ago! 

The Mixer Page


ML Drums Mixer page

One of the things I really like about ML Drums is the mixer page. It's got just about everything you'd need to tweak your drum sounds for the sound you need. Here's an overview of the available channel settings and effects:

  • 3 band EQ
  • Saturation (all instrument groups)
  • Snare channel has top and bottom mic controls
  • Panning for all toms (look for the yellow knobs)
  • OH, Room Reverb (snare, kick, toms and room only)
  • Solo/mute buttons for each track

The snare channel features a top and bottom mic setting. That's something you don't always get.

The master channel features a compressor that includes a parallel compression setting! You should definitely check that out! 


ML Drums is very reasonably priced. Add-on packs cost just 40 euros. 

Free Version

ML Drums has a free version if you'd like to try it yourself. You can download it from their site HERE.

Note: the free version sounds great but it has some limitations. Please note that the free version does not include:

  • Floor tom 2 (MIDI #41)
  • Rack tom 1 (MIDI #48)
  • Crash 2
  • Splash cymbals
  • China 2


ML Drums is now one of the best sounding, powerful drum apps on the market.  It has massive kits and an extensive mixing page that few can match. Considering all that you get, it's very reasonably priced.

Check out their web site and download the free kit (see the limitations above). 


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