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Customer Feedback

Big Easy

"You guys have the BEST drum loops in the biz. Hands down. I've been gigging since 1986 and have heard background tracks since their beginnings. I've listened to your 'competitors' that make virtual synth drums etc... (there's a few).. THEY don't compare to yours. :)" - Stan H.

"Thank You for your products...they are stellar and I use the drum MIDI Paks for everything I do." - David H.

"The (Brand X Drum Synth) loops are good but your groove monkee loops are freaking heads and shoulders above the rest...They are some of the best drum loops that I've heard,and the variations are fantastic..Great job..!!!" - Roger B.

"Really impressed with those loops!" - Andrew T.

"Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!! I wanted to record The Meters' "Pocky Way" two years ago and couldn't find anything close. So I did it manually. It took me freaking forever and still didn't come out anywhere near as funky, or in that pocket between swing and straight beat that N.O. drummers do so well. Big props to Rory Faciane and thank you guys! I'm very happy!" - Jeff A.

"Exactly what I was looking for !" - Topcat2069


"I very easily installed the Blues loops for Steven Slate and they're fantastic...really great work and very much appreciated." - Greg S.

"I just picked up your latest Groove Monkee Blues loop library. It is a fantastic collection and I really like how it plays & sounds with my EZ drummer Vintage Rock kit. The way you catalogued and labeled this library makes it real EZ to put together convincing drum tracks too."
– Billy B.

"I bought the Blues Drums package. Awesome as always!" – B. Scott.

"I recently purchased NI Studio drummer - a great product and sound but it lacked a decent blues library. Thanks to Groove Monkee Blues, which I have now integrated into Studio Drummer, I now have an awesome selection of blues drum loops! I have no excuses not to write some great blues tunes now. Cheers and thanks for making a great product!" - Ron H.

"I love the blues ez drummer!! Great product!!" – Paul M.

"Just a word of appreciation for the Blues package! I sat down just now and lost myself in the Blues Rumba B patterns on EZD Nashville drums, doodling on the Scarbee C.E.P. and time just flew. Absolutely inspirational...Great job - thanks!" - Joachim S.

"The blues package is killer - my favorite" - Chris B.

"LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!" - Sturgis N.

"Sounds wonderful!" – P. Missana.

Blues Rock

"Groove Monkee is my go to place for drum grooves. Thank you from a very satisfied customer." - Mario D.

Brilliant service as per usual. Thanks for your work - good products at very reasonable prices. - David R.

"I’m very happy with my new drum loops. These will speed up my workflow for sure. Thanks again for your help and great service!" - Derek E.

"The more I'm playing around with the loops the more I'm learning about how versatile they are. My daughters boyfriend is an extremely talented drummer and was joking with him that he's old news and has been replaced by a loop. He's impressed with them and he's a hard sell when it comes to this type of thing." - Craig M.

"Since I've re-discovered your midi theme sets, I've changed over from (Brand X DrumSynth) to Live Session Drums and it wasn't long before I found _exactly_ the loops I was missing from all my (Brand X DrumSynth) midi packs. No kidding, I was editing their loops just to get it right. Your stuff is right from the get-go! I'm sold on the combination of Groove Monkee loops, Session Drums, and your support.Your midi sets are the best, bar none." - Michael A.

"Good variety and feel..keep making great loops!" - tiffesteph


"I love your products and look forward to future releases!" - Frank D.

"Really great loops!" - Chris P.

"Fantastic and speedy service! love the easy install into BFD." - Jason M.


"Your MIDI drums have been indispensable to me since 2006!" - Jon B.

"You have some great products!  Very glad I found Groove Monkee!" - Ryan S.

"These are the real thing.... easy to choose and easy to use." - Topcat2029

"I purchased your Country pack for EZD a couple of weeks ago and I love it!" - Dale A.

"Your MIDI files are definitely the best I’ve found, and I’ve done a lot of searching." - Greg P.

"Hey, just wanted to commend you guys on the strong loops - the ez drummer support is great!" - Kevin J.

"I really enjoy your grooves. Used with BFD, they really make it easy to lay down some good drum tracks." - J. Rogers.

"Your country pack has been essential in my latest production." - Kris R.

"Not only is your product great, your customer service is outta this world!" - Steve P.


"These midi files are GREAT!!! Major props...." - Mike P.

"I truly believe your work is brilliant! I've spent the whole weekend trying all the preview files, "getting my feet wet", and is the first time I feel have found MIDI files for drums that feel right!" - A. Ortiz

"Your midi files kick ass and are so much better than any of the 12 Keyfax midi grooves I picked up last year. I'm running em out my elektron machinedrum and it's just crazy!!!" - N. Ferguson

"...Groove Monkee Electronic can sound better than anything out there for "urban jazz", "neo soul", rap or hip hop type beats!" - Joe E.

"I love the work that was put into the sets. And this is so much better that REX files or any audio loop files on the market." - Trevor S.

"If You Have EZdrummer Electronic EZX Just Get This, Its Fantastic for All Electronic Drums Really Love This Its My 'GoTo' Set For Those Kickin Beats." - smartarse

"Keep up the great work creating beats, I first heard your stuff when it came with my RMIV. I had to get this new set too!" - Mike O.

Funk Hip Hop R&B

"I purchased the Hip Hop/RnB midi files last week...and really like them.... I love the way you can utilize them either in session drummer, or painting in the piano roll or plain ol' import…. I love working with your midi clips, because they're very well organized...and varied and very easy to tweak, as opposed to audio drum loops." - Eric P

"Amazing product your selling. I've used a lot of grooves (twiddlebits, hittrax, etc) and compared to yours, your products are amazing. Don't know what you use to program them grooves but they just sound very natural in their original form when assigned to kits. Congratulations on a job well done." – Eddy T.

"Thanx for such great tools, and at such a fantastic price." - Kevin R.

"…those grooves you write, they just seem to work perfectly in my new songs. Well worth the money!" - Dana W.

"Love them all - having a great time with them. Great work!" - Paul D.

"I just got a chance to listen to these - they sound good. Keep up the good work." - Sean.

"Though I write all kinds of music, much of what I do always includes going for a live, real feel. Over the years I've used pretty much every approach to recording drum tracks without a drummer. From the early drum machines back in the day, Oberheim, Akai MPC60, etc. to loops, and everything in between.

Groove Monkee changed everything for me. For the first time I have a library of feels I can choose from, and easily modify/expand on them right in my project. They've made the writing and recording process so much simpler for me. I have most of the Groove Monkee libraries, and I've yet to run into a situation where I couldn't find the right groove for the project.

In fact, I almost always find several different valid approaches including some I hadn’t thought of, which opens up the writing process for me in a powerful and productive way. The grooves are tastefully done, organized to make finding fills, b sections, breakdowns easy. Groove Monkee basically makes getting the drums together fun, which is the one thing it never was before.
No question about it, I'm a fan. Thanks man! More, more, we want more!!" - Soundhound


"Your Fusion midi loops are really great - Many Thanks!" - Andy B.

"Keep up the great work -- greatly appreciate your products!" - Jeffrey K.

"SMOKIN! Love the EZd conga grooves!!!" - Donald C.

"Awesome fusion beats with great variety!" - Jim R.

"You have really great drum loops - a lot of fun to use!" - Greg S.

"I got your grooves with RMIV years ago and have been buying since...another hit!" - Dave M.

"These are GREAT, even better than what I anticipated, all is well and I want that jazz-collection next... I am so glad I finally did this. Thank You Very Much !" - Carl C.

"I use Groove Monkee beats for every track. Thanks for a great product." - Raymond F.

Hard Rock

"Great, really nice stuff here - very versatile, hard-hitting, nicely arranged/played grooves." - Jim W.

"Very nice MIDIs! Hight quality. Works on garageband as well!" - D. Alvarez

"I just downloaded the steven slate version - works like a charm! Great Work btw on all your products!" - Mike D.

"Thanks again and I'll probably be getting more grooves in the future…. Just wanted to say how awesome your drum tracks are!" - Kevin W.

"Top-notch hard rock loops!" - Botond


"Your beats just have an attention to detail that’s great, i.e. flams, ghost hits, accents, velocity etc. It's almost like I don’t have to do anything at all to them." - Anthony R.

"I tried out the "jazz" midi files and they're great! You do some amazing work...through think I had a real drummer going. Great job." - Eric P.

"I'm a big fan of the Blues and Jazz packs...really nice!" - Greg S.

"I started playing around with the Jazz loops last night and I absolutely love them. Just what I needed!" – Niklas A.

"It only took a quick listen of the jazz grooves to trust purchasing the rest of the library. Thanks for the effort, and resulting fine product." – Dwayne D.

"Keep making these quality collections, looking forward to the world beats." – Patrick L.

"I enjoy the Groove Monkee programming and with the multi track files I am able to painlessly custom mix my drum samples from various synths. Keep up the good work!" - Stephan D.

"I love the Jazz collection, btw. Really, really useful!" - J. Smith.


"What a GREAT collection! I highly recommend this one. I love the kick drum work. Great work Groove Monkee. You guys hit another one out of the ball park!" - Joe T.

"REALLY FANTASTIC!!! Thanks, guys. You really rock." - Alex B.

"I own the Metal MIDI loops and I have to say they are VERY nice. Definitely one of the best purchases I have ever made." - Mark D.

"This is just the type of MIDI grooves I needed. The variety is fantastic…. Again, great stuff. I've had more fun with your MIDI grooves and EZDrummer than I ever had with any of the drum loops I've purchased." – Rich V.

"I have purchased two products from you in the last few years and find them to be invaluable to my drum making." – Greg W.

"Groove Monkee’s midi loops have made my audio CD-Rom collection of drum loops obsolete. No more trying to fit square pegs in round holes." - Ken C.

"Thanks, and love the loops, especially the metal stuff!" - Ben B.

Power Rock

"I am new at this whole MIDI Music thing and I have been having trouble coming up with drums parts to play with. I downloaded the samples and if this is any idea how much fun I am going to have I HAVE to get the rest of the rock and metal!!" - Rick 03038

"Perfect for hard hitting rock and alternative metal tracks!" - Spiralsurfer

"I have been using Groove Monkee MIDI Files for many years now. I go to them regularly. Personally, every one of these MIDI Packs is in my sound library. Each and every one of them is great !!! The service is stellar, not many can keep up to this company. And, these titles are always expanding, to accommodate the many drum formats out there. I would recommend these to anybody ! Keep up the great work !" - Steve L.

"Power Rock is a great name for these loops. They are VERY hard hitting. Mostly 4/4 beats, but there is a 7/4 and 6/8 set in there as well. The bonus/extra loops are also really good, so make sure you check those out. " - mymusic42

"Hey, Power Rock really rocks. Very well done, thumbs up. The new installer is good and the 8 bars with final fill + the structure (intro, verse, bridge, chorus, outro) makes the work for us non-drummers a breeze!" - Alex B.

"I just purchased the Power Rock loops and they are great!" - Ken C.

"Great work as always!!!!!" - Wayne H.

"Groove Monkee loops are freaking heads and shoulders above the rest...They are some of the best drum loops that I've heard and the variations are fantastic...Great job!!!" - Roger B.

"What a great addition to my drum grooves!" - Sven H.

"I bought the Power Rock grooves, I have to say it´s one of your best....Great drumming!" - Harry E.

"I purchased METAL & POWER ROCK MIDI files from you recently. I have just now gotten around to installing them. I was putting off the 'big day', because I had assumed that it was going to be a painful experience, but between yourselves and Toontrack the complete install was already mapped out and it was all over in a matter of seconds. All I had to do was say . . . Go . . . and it was done :) It has to be said, that even the cost was pretty painless. Thank you for your efforts here. These files are really superb. The best drummers I've ever had backing my tracks!" - Daniel H.

"Your loops are great and I've used them in all of my songs in various combinations to build my drum tracks and recommended them to all the musicians and producers I know." - Tony O.


"Just to let you know I have been using the progressive set for an ABC TV show. It was just what I needed!" - Brad Chiet, Fuel Music & Sound.

"I used some of your Progressive loops for my "Stuff! Good Synth Players Should Know" book/CD. This helped me nail some Yes/Genesis-type tracks that I needed for this book." - Mark Harrison

"I have spent more than 20 years listening to progressive rock music and I can say this library is amazing. 10/10" - Andres B.

"I have tried them all; and Addictive Drums with your grooves have given me the drummer I always heard for my music. Period. Please keep 'em coming!" - Greg C.

"I am very impressed by the variety and aliveness of this collection. The grooves have a complexity and subtlety about them which makes them both energetic in their delivery and highly adaptable to a range of different musical styles and genres." - Mark D.

"These are awesome...I don't know who played the Progressive beats, but they're dead on!" - Shaun M.

"I've recently just registered and purchased the Progressive set of midi files. Great stuff!" - Alan W.

"Thanks for your brilliant products! ...your stuff is just too good to not use it " - T. Grenz.

"Excellent odd time signature midis. I have used these in various styles of music for new ideas." - J. Rucks

"I love the 6/4 timing. These loops are very good and sounds organic with Addictive Drums." - elblaut

"If you want grooves with odd timing 7/8,ect even 9/8!! then get this A fantastic addon for superior 2. A ready made Neal Peart." - smartarse


"Thank you for the quick response and tip on Steven Slate Drums -- they sound great and I'm enjoying the addition of the Groove Monkee Punk loops." - Brian M.

"Groovemonkee RULES!!! They are the BEST!!!" - Joe T.

"Great library by the way...Very cool stuff" - Aaron P.

"I am a big fan of your work and I own just about everyone of your midi packs. Keep Up The Excellent Work!!!" - Ron Z.

"Very nice grooves for a nice price. Thanks a lot." - J. Solakuja.

"Exactly what I needed to get a project underway. Lots of variety, classic punk rock beats and more modern ones. Great Product, Very satisfied." - punkass

"I just recently ordered the Punk Midi Loop pack from you guys - awesome!" - Aaron L.

" The pack sounds great in Addictive Drums and your price point is absolutely perfect. I'm a drummer and this is exactly what I needed to hash out a couple ideas I had for guitar. I think you guys are doing everything right. Good price, good product, installs easily and works flawlessly on my computer. Pretty much perfect. Cheers and thanks for making a happy customer! - drchud

"I agree with the previous reviewer. Excellent product, i couldn't be more satisfied. I also use this in AD. Great variations and bonus beats, plus the fills are amazing. Helps me work out entire songs and i love it. Get in the Groove Monkee." - audiobraniac


"Your groove libraries are the best!" - Rich N.

"Thank you very much! The directions were rock solid, just like the loops! I appreciate the help and I will tell my friends. " - Paul K.

"This is the sixth pack I've got from Groove Monkee. The three qualities I like about the packs are: the grooves aren't quantised; dynamic variation in each groove and the pack layout is easy to follow. As a Logic user, quality midi drum packs are greatly appreciated. Groove Monkee has been a great find. The website's easy to navigate. I like the user area, as opposed to the 'three downloads and you're out" option. And if you do have a question, they actually send you a quick reply.Keep those packs coming." - wrharrison

Rock 2

"I'm a huge fan of your products. They have exceeded my expectations and consistently improved my tracks." - R Skye.

"Thanks for such great midi files!" - Don S.

"I’ve been writing songs now for 20+ years and it has always proved difficult to be inspired using dead-sounding drum loops. Those sad days are gone now, thanks to you GM. As soon as I loaded a song file, I was free to do what I do best: write chords and a melody. I was inspired by the feel of the drum loops. They are not wooden and dead. It is the difference between night and day. I am inspired along with these GM loops instead of in spite of the loops. Thanks again GM." -Joel E.

"Thanks - I`ve become addicted to these!" - Bill R.

"Keep up the great work!" - Michael K.

"I'm a huge fan of your products. They have exceeded my expectations and consistently improved my tracks." - R Skye.

"Keep up the good work. I thoroughly enjoyed my first (but not last) purchase of your products." - Dale S.

"love your loops!" - Andrew H.

"I absolutely love the Rock 2 midi pack!!!" - Steve H.

"Very good quality. These loops have been very productive for my music style." - jareichow

"For the first time in my home studio I feel inspired by the drums! This makes a huge difference to my creative process. Thanks GM!" - mountaintiger

Rock 3

"Great stuff!" - Martyn R.

"Keep up the Great Work!" - Dan J.

"I love your stuff!" - Mike S.

"Great grooves - lots of variety, killer fills!" - Jeff T.

"I am a big fan of your work and I own just about everyone of your midi packs. Keep Up The Excellent Work!!!" - Ron Z.

"These Midi loops rock! I use Superior drummer for many of the drums in the songwriting process and adding Groove Monkee midi drum loops are a big time saver. They have helped me get through prechorus and bridges with ease." - G. Dykes

Rock Essentials 1

"I have worked with many drum software products and your material is up there with the best. My congrats to all of you guys at Groove Monkee!" - Carlos S.

"Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing midi loops. I used quite a few of them for our album that came out last month. We start recording in two weeks for our second album, and we'll be using the loops again. We're telling everyone we know about your company and its affordable offerings." - Mark P.

"The library is really super!" - H. Andersson

"I'm really happy with the RE1. Very useful patterns for sketching and composing, among other things." - J. Smith

"Sounds amazing! Someone finally made a midi loop library with grooves I can use for writing rock and pop songs" - Andrew K.

"Just bought RE1 and RE2. Apart from sounding incredible when used with Addictive Drums, the customer service is second to none. Brilliant loops, well organised, and just the right amount of busy-ness and constancy. Plenty of variations and the beauty of Groove Monkee is that you do not have to stick to the variations from within a group.Thanks especially to Russ for helping and supporting." - acousticvillage

"I'm new to music. i sing and play the guitar but i wanted to make "full" tracks. i did not want to use Garage Band's awful loops. the Rock Essential MIDI loops are very easy to assemble and tweak and they sound pretty awesome specially when used with the Solid Rock sample drums." - StrangerP

"All my software in music production are bought properly with a license. I definitely spent more than $2000. By best investment so far after my DAW would be the midi files from Groove Monkee. $19 :)" - Amethist

"This probably should have been one of the first releases GrooveMonkee ever made! Some basic bread and butter rock beats. But what sets these apart from other MIDI libraries is (as usual) they are done with the hand standards of GrooveMonkee quality. Well done, and they will certainly quickly find a place in my music very soon." - mymusic42

Rock Essentials 2

"I have found that I always go to my Groove Monkee midi drum files time and time again. I have many files from others, but none comes close to the feeling of a real drummer like Groove Monkee's files. Thanks again for your work that you have done!!" - Mike G.

"I have been using Groove Monkee MIDI Files for many years now. I go to them regularly. Personally, every one of these MIDI Packs is in my sound library. Keep up the great work!" - Steve L.

"Your grooves rock (great feel). I hope you continue to build on this library. I'm a believer." - Robert T.

"An easy install. I'm in drum heaven. Keep up the great work on your products." - Paul K.

"The grooves showed up in the proper User Libraries section of Superior Drummer 2 and sound great!" - Greg M."

"This is a truly great package when you want the beats not to steal center stage attention (like some drummers!) but remain in the supporting role. Really useful grooves, just like Rock Essentials 1, with a lot of variation and a lot of ride cymbal. ;-) Sterling value, I wouldn't want to be without it!" - Joachim (spitfire31)

"First time I opened RE2 I spent like 4 hours in a row, it was addictive, could not leave the studio until it was time for dinner. RE2 sounds to me like one stellar drummer is behind the grooves, imparting a professional and cohesive feel throughout the library." - Andres B.


"This Twisted set of grooves is fantastic. Quite the best set of grooves I have purchased. It has inspired some of my best tracks so far. BFD 2 has never sounded so good. More in the same vein please. Please!" - David R.

"These are great products and they really make writing easy. Twisted Beats is awesome. There are some great patterns in there!" - Mike R.

"I really love your beats .. great work!" - Dirk R.

"The grooves are really great. I've been writing for television, film and theater since the 80's and have long believed that the best gear and sounds are essential tools if one wants to stay busy in this industry. Looking forward to your future releases." - Rob R.

"I particularly like your Twisted Pack…really creative and well played, actually inspirational." - Chris B.

"I purchased 3 packs at the same time and this pack had the most inspirational drum parts. It could have used more fills, that is why 4/5, but I found this quite usable indeed! More like this indeed!" - denekawa

"This Twisted set of grooves is fantastic. Quite the best set of grooves I have purchased. It has inspired some of my best tracks so far. BFD 2 has never sounded so good. Keeping it simple has made the patterns a lot easier to use. I have been able to get a much funkier thing going on. Which is what I am after. More in the same vein please. Please!" - D. Riggs  

World Beats

"The World Beats are fantastic, I just bought them and they work great with RM IV.... I’ve been looking for some spot on conga beats for a song I'm working on and this totally did the trick." – Eric P.

"Just wanted you to know that your World Beats saved my ass on a difficult project. The bonus tracks with african pop was just the ticket. Thanks a lot." - Björn G.

"I use your grooves in all my songs now, more than ever really. The world grooves are as realistic as you can get." - Brad L.

"These are fantastic, a nice library, wonderful job!" – Hans V.

"Just wanted to let you know that your beats are working great with my MPC2000 (driving a Boss Dr. 770). I'm looking forward to getting some of the other collections." – Sean C.

"Love them all - having a great time with them. Great work!" - Paul D.

"I needed a bossa nova beat for an ad. The patterns I had in my library weren't cutting it. I then thought of Groove Monkee. The "World Beats" collection had exactly what I was looking for. These patterns work so well with Addictive." - newjames37

Superior Customer Service

“Your customer service should be the model for everyone else's.” – Peter L.

"The customer service is second to none....Thanks especially to Russ for helping and supporting." - acousticvillage

“You go above and beyond all expectations of service. That's why I'm never afraid to recommend you highly to all my friends….” – Dave M.

"Not only is your product great, your customer service is outta this world!" - Steve P.

“Excellent customer service! Thanks a lot for the fast and excellent response. I will certainly recommend Groove Monkee to others…” – B. Buete

“I must say I'm impressed with your service many thanks for that.” –Trev R.

"Brilliant service as per usual. Thanks for your work - good products at very reasonable prices." - David R.

"Groove Monkee has been a great find....And if you do have a question, they actually send you a quick reply."

– W. Harrison "Fantastic and speedy service!" - Jason M.

"The service is stellar....I would recommend these to anybody! Keep up the great work!" - Steve L.