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Introducing the Beat Farm - Free MIDI Beats

Free Loops

We’ve just launched the Beat Farm, a new page featuring free MIDI loops in various genres and styles. You can find even more free MIDI drum and MIDI bass loops here.

We also have some loops in “musicloop” format for Studio One. These sets are previously unpublished material we’d like to share with the general public.

The MIDI files are mapped according to the GM format but are compatible with any music production software such as Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic and your favorite drums sounds such as EZdrummer or Superior Drummer by Toontrack or a drum machine including the unique Beat Buddy.

MIDI Loops for Beat Buddy

We also have free MIDI loops in PBF format for Beat Buddy here. If you like what you hear, check out our large selection of MIDI in PBF format here.

Beat Buddy by Singular Sound


The products on the link above all have PBF files and are "Beat Buddy ready" out of the box. We have a wide selection of grooves for rock, blues, funk and authentic country from Nashville sessions drummers.

Using MIDI Files in EZdrummer

You can find our beats using "tap to find" and the search feature. Learn more about using Groove Monkee file in EZdrummer we have a blog post here. For Superior Drummer, check out this blog.

We've been supporting Toontrack, FXpansion, Addictive Drums plus about a dozen formats since 2004. If you want to use our loops with your favorite drums sounds, send us an email and we should be able to get it done for you. We just need to know the mapping scheme and it's usually part of the product manual. 

Need some Free Drum Sounds?

Need some awesome free drum sounds? If so click check out this blog post here. You'll find a link to what we think are the best free drums sounds anywhere.

Grab some free beats and have some fun! If you have any questions about the files or our products, please contact us and we'll respond in 12 hours or less.

Enjoy the beats!





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