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Superior 3 Compatibility

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Yes, our MIDI packs are compatible with Superior Drummer 3 by Toontrack. Once installed, they can be used with both EZdrummer and Superior.

Watch the installation video on our YouTube page and here's a link to our product manual with Superior 3 information: download manual.

The manual discusses installation and how to update a pack after its installed in Superior 3.

You can also check out the additional information below.

Note:  3rd party libraries are manually added to the Superior 3 groove database. It takes two clicks to add a library after you've copied it to your Toontrack "User MIDI" folder.

Start Superior 3 and open the 'Grooves' tab.

1.    right click on the the 'User MIDI' drop down under 'User Libraries'
2.    click 'Sync File Changes'

The new grooves will now be accessible and searchable in the Groove browser.

Updating a pack

1.    Replace the old files with the updated version
2.    Open the "Grooves" tab in Superior 3
3.    Right click on "User MIDI" under the "User Libraries" section
4.    Select "Sync File Changes

Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance.

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