Deep Dive: Beat Buddy content folder

Deep Dive: Beat Buddy content folder

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BeatBuddy Content Folders

We've been supporting BeatBuddy since 2015. Recently, a customer asked about the the folders and files included in one of our MIDI packs. Here's a brief look at the BeatBuddy content of our products.

Finding the files

You can find the BeatBuddy content for your purchase in your download's 'Other MIDI Mappings folder. Look inside for the folder with 'BB' at the end. 'Retro Funk BB', for example.

The content varies by product so if you want a product that includes a PBF file, you'll find all of those here.

MIDI files

All products (except Afro-Cuban Percussion) now have MIDI files mapped for Beat Buddy.

We include MIDI loops mapped to match BeatBuddy EXACTLY. At a minimum, you'll have the MIDI files mapped for BeatBuddy and "ready to go".

PBF Files

IMPORTANT: Many of our packs do not include a PBF file. You can find all of the products that DO have PBF files using the link below:

Groove Monkee Packs with PBF files

A PBF file (often called a 'folder file') allows you to import a bunch of MIDI content in one operation. Some of our products have 2 PBF files: Country Outlaws and Led Head.

Both products have a PBF set up in the traditional into-groove-fills-outro fill format.

They also have a PBF with 'one press play', full-length cover songs inspired by the original artists.


You need to download the BeatBuddy Manager software in order to import PBF files into your BeatBuddy. Make sure you read the manager documentation first. You need to connect your BeatBuddy to your computer and import your content (make a backup!!) before anything else.

Our PBF file will be imported as another top-level folder and will appear in your pedal in alphabetical order.

Importing PBF files is very easy once you're familiar with the manager software.

BeatBuddy Installation help

Need help installing our PBF file? Check out this BeatBuddy installation video.

Song Files

We've exported the 'songs' from each PBF file into a folder named 'songs'. This saves you time if you want to use some of our songs in your own PBF. For example, you might want to create a set list for a gig with song sets from various sources.

Downloading your purchases again

If you've purchased any grooves from us, you can download your purchases again at:

Support menu -> legacy accounts

Need a legacy account password? Use the password reset for a temporary password.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our products or about installing our PBF files.

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