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Blues Loops For Beat Buddy


Blues Beats for Beat Buddy

We've been supporting Beat Buddy from the beginning and currently have over a dozen packs for Beat Buddy. These packs have PBF files allowing you to load the files quickly into your pedal and jam. We have 3 blues-based packs with PBF files. Here's a brief overview of the packs.

Blues Classics

 Blues Classics

A wide variety of blues beats from classic shuffles to more exotic grooves like "cross cut" or the flat tire shuffle. The PBF file has 16 "songs" with into, grooves, fills and outro fills.

We also added 18 "extended" tracks that can be quickly loaded into a PBF or used in your DAW for jamming.

This highly detailed pack was recorded with Beat Buddy users in mind: we recorded transition fills along with standard fills, intro fills and outro fills. Recorded by Chicago session pro Chris Morrow, this is a "must have" for serious blues musicians.



The Blues PBF has 11 COMPLETE "one press play"'s just like jamming with a real drummer! Just press and jam along. The tracks are performances of famous tunes - start to finish. You don't need to worry about changing patterns, triggering fills and so on.

In addition, there are 800 additional MIDI files: intro fills, outro fills, drum fills plus 8 and 12-bar grooves played on both hat and ride.

Recorded by Chicago session pro Patrick Doody, this pack has everything from slow ballads to uptempo grooves. We even threw in a very cool blues rumba!


Blues Rock

Blues Rock is the ultimate Blues Rock pack for Beat Buddy. The PBF file features 10 "songs" with into, grooves, fills and outro fills.

Feels include slow 12-8 blues in the style of Zeppelin, half-time, swung 16th, 2-feel blues, fast rock shuffles and more.

You also get 1,000 MIDI files arranged in song format: Intro, Verse, Prechorus, Chorus, Bridge, Solo, Outro and Endings! These are FULL 8 and 12-bar loops with tempos from 75 to 170. Recorded by Nashville session pro Rory Faciane, Blues rock is a killer blues & rock combo for Beat Buddy!

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