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Free MIDI Loops for Maschine


Greetings Maschine heads!

You can download a free set of MIDI grooves and fills for Native Instrument's Maschine here.

The mapping we used is included in the download.The kick (MIDI 36) is mapped to slot 1, the snare to slot 2 and as you go up in the mapping file, the slot number increases accordingly.

If you like them, please let us know and we'll post some more!

NI Maschine

Note: we don't have access to Maschine so we're relying on customer input as we develop MIDI file for Maschine. Let us know if the files are not triggering properly and we'll make adjustments. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

You can view some Maschine Tutorials here.

Again, please let us know what you think via email so we can keep making Maschine MIDI!



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