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EZdrummer 2 Compatibility


Our loops are compatible with EZdrummer 2 but it requires a manual installation. Running our installer will not work! It will copy EZdrummer 1 loops, not the loops for EZdrummer 2.

Manual Installation

Installation for EZdrummer 2 only requires three steps:

  1. Select the 'MIDI Libraries’ option from the browser’s contextual menu (see image below)
  2. Click 'Add Folder to MIDI Libraries...'
  3. Select the folder inside our EZdrummer 2 folder and click “Select Folder”.

Note: You’ll find our EZdrummer 2 folder inside our “other midi mappings” folder.

The loops will now appear in your “User Libraries” section (left side) and are ready to use.

EZdrummer 2 MIDI install

Tip: If you’ve upgraded to EZdrummer 2 AND you’re not using Superior 2, you should run our uninstaller first. This will remove our loops from the EZdrummer 1 MIDI folder.

Please contact us if you need assistance!

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