EZdrummer 2 Compatibility

EZdrummer 2 Compatibility

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MIDI Packs For EZDrummer

Our loops are fully compatible with all versions of EZdrummer and Superior Drummer. We've been supporting Toontrack products since 2006 and also support most of the "big name" drum samples on the market.

All packs (except Afro Cuban Percussion) are compatible with EZdrummer. Your download will include an installer that installs the files you need. You can also do a manual installation if you like.

We have over 30 packs for EZdrummer and Superior, well over 34,000 MIDI files that we've produced since 2004.

Browse Our Collection

The image below shows one of our products inside the EZdrummer Browser.

Groove Monkee MIDI installed in EZdrummer 2

EZdrummer Compatibility

Full Compatibility means:

  • the loops appear in the groove browser window
  • you can audition the loops
  • the loops are mapped properly
  • You can search for our loops

We also support Addictive Drums, Superior Drummer, Steven Slate, BFD, Studio Drummer and many more. For a full compatibility list, please click the link below:

Compatibility List

EZdrummer 3 Installation 

There are several ways to install our MIDI files into EZdrummer 3. Please view these posts for specifics:

How to install MIDI Files into EZdrummer3 with a linked folder

EZdrummer 3 MIDI Installation Methods

EZdrummer 2 Installation

Installation is easy: just run our installer! The next time you open EZdrummer, the loops will appear and you'll be ready to jam.

The video below shows you how to do an installation. Manual installation instructions are provided at the end.

Installation Video

EZdrummer 2 Search

Our loops will appear in the EZdrummer 2 search feature after a quick adjustment to EZdrummer. Please click HERE for detailed instructions.


If you get need help or have questions, help is generally available 7 days a week. You'll find our contact info on our Contact Us page.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask. We'll be glad to help.


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