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EZDrummer 2 Search Feature

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Here's a brief explanation on how to set up our MIDI loops for EZdrummer 2's search function.

Installing the Loops

A recent EZdrummer 2 update has changed the 3rd party import settings slightly. Follow these steps to install our loops into your EZdrummer 2 "User MIDI" folder.

1. Click on Menu-> Settings -> MIDI Libraries
2. Select the MIDI Libraries tab
3. Select ‘Add Folder to User Libraries’
4. Navigate to the our EZdrummer 2 folder (inside the "other midi mappings" folder)
5. Select the folder and click “Select Folder”

The image below shows the "MIDI Libraries" tab.

Setting Up Search

1. Click on Menu-> Settings -> MIDI Libraries
2. Select the MIDI Libraries tab
3. Check the box under "Include in search" for User MIDI
4. Click OK

You can also check the box for My MIDI Files if you store midi files there.

EZdrummer 2 Set Search


If our loops are not appearing you may need to close EZdrummer 2 and even your host software before the changes take effect. "Host" software means you music software such as: Cubase, ProTools, Sonar, Studio One, etc.

However, if you ran our installer rather than doing a manual installation as described above, the loops won't appear. Our installers were designed for EZdrummer 1. They do work for most installations of EZdrummer 2 but not with the search function. And Toontrack made a slight mapping change in version 2 so it's best to install the MIDI loops we provide especially for EZdrummer 2.

Again, the loops you need are in a folder named "other midi mappings". If you're installing our free GM mapped loops, there is no "other midi mappings" folder. You can install all of them or just select the folders you want to use.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Thanks for reading and rock on!!

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