EZDrummer 2 Search Feature

EZDrummer 2 Search Feature

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Here's a brief explanation on how to set up our MIDI loops for EZdrummer 2's search function.

Installing the Loops

Close EZdrummer and then run the installer included with your Groove Monkee product download.

Note: our free loops can be manually installed into EZdrummer following the standard manual installation procedure.

Setting Up Search

1. Click on Menu-> Settings -> MIDI Libraries
2. Select the MIDI Libraries tab
3. Check the paths you want to include:
a. User MIDI
b. 3rd party folders
4. Click OK

You can also check the box for My MIDI Files if you store midi files there.


EZdrummer 2 Search screen

This video demonstrates search set up on a PC (Mac may be different).


If our loops are not appearing you may need to close EZdrummer 2 and possibly your host software before the changes take effect. "Host" software means your music software such as Cubase, ProTools, Sonar, etc.

Note: If you're installing our free "GM mapped" loops, there is no installer or "Other MIDI mappings" folder. You may install any or all of the sets included.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Thanks for reading and rock on!!

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