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MIDI Audition on Mac OS

Logic Mac


If you're using Logic or GarageBand you've probably noticed that you cannot audition MIDI loops within the loop browser. Well, we may have an inexpensive answer for you! A customer just shared a link to a cool utility from called MIDIPlayerX.



 We have not tested this app yet but the reviews and customer service look really good. While inexpensive, MIDIPlayerX has a ton of features including:

  • Plays any Standard MIDI File
  • Works with your MIDI hardware and software
  • Built-in GM-compatible synth
  • Simple drag and drop operation
  • Load an entire folder of files at once

IMPORTANT: When using our MIDI loops, please use the GM version. You'll find the GM loops in the "Other MIDI Mappings" folder of your download.

If you're using our free MIDI loops, all of those files are mapped per the GM standard and set to channel 10.

Hearing Piano?

Please make sure you're using the current GM version of your purchase. If you have an older version, make sure you're using the Type 1 "single track" files. They are mapped to channel 10 and shouldn't have this problem.

Note: we used to supply type 0 files mapped to channel 1. Those will probably play piano when used with apps like this. We only include type 1 files now but can still supply type 0 files upon request.

We discuss "the piano problem" and other common issues here.

Getting the Latest Version

You can always download the latest version of your purchases from the legacy area. If you need assistance, please email support and include your full name and the email address used to place your order.

Other Options

If you're looking for other alternatives, we discuss some industry standard options like Studio One here.

Studio One is available to try for FREE, includes drum kits, effects and other instruments along with a very well designed file browser system. The free version is fully functioning without time restrictions!

Hopefully this post will help you find the right option so you can get back to making music and having fun. It shouldn't be a chore. Lack of MIDI auditioning is a huge oversight for any modern recording software given all of the MIDI libraries available today.

Thanks for reading and rock on!



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