Alternative Installation for Superior 3

Alternative Installation for Superior 3

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Installing 3rd party MIDI into Superior Drummer 3

Our product installers will automatically copy the files into your "User Libraries" folder for both EZdrummer and Superior. But here's a better method for installing MIDI into Superior 3 by Toontrack

Since it's easier to manager 3rd party MIDI updates with this method, this is now our recommended installation procedure.

Install Procedure

    1. Copy the folder(s) inside our “Other MIDI Mappings\Toontrack” folder
    2. Open the "Grooves" tab in Superior 3
    3. Right click on "User MIDI" (see image below)
    4. Select "Open in Explorer" (or “Open in Finder” on a Mac)
    5. Paste our folder(s) into the “User MIDI” folder
    6. Right click on "User MIDI" and select "Sync File Changes"

User MIDI folder in Superior 3

image: User MIDI folder in Superior 3

The files will appear in EZdrummer 2 also. If you have both, use the Superior 3 install method outlined here.

To access the grooves in EZdrummer 2, click on the "Browser" tab. Then click on the "Show/hide USER MIDI" button on the top right, just under "Menu".


For EZDrummer 1 or Superior 2, please run our installer or copy the files into your "My MIDIFILES" folder.

If you have EZDrummer 2 but NOT Superior 3, you can run our installer. Alternatively, you could do a manual installation.

If you have Superior 3, we now recommend the manual installation above.

How to update 3rd Party MIDI in Superior 3

If the contents of a folder have changed, it's easy to update Superior 3 database:

  1. Replace the old files with the updated version
  2. Open the "Grooves" tab in Superior 3
  3. Right click on "User MIDI" under the "User Libraries" section
  4. Select "Sync File Changes"

Currently, the downside to this method is that Superior 3 displays folder contents differently depending on the location of the files. For years, we've been supporting their enhanced formatting techniques but it's a bit funky with this method. You'll see some extra characters because everything is shown "as is" when stored in "User MIDI".

We're currently revising the folder structure and will make the new format available as a free update.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our support team.

Rock on!

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