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The Best DAWS - Auditioning MIDI Drum Loops

Some customers have a real problem: they cannot audition MIDI drum loops. This is an especially big problem for Apple users working with Logic or GarageBand.

Others ask which DAW (digital audio workstation) or “sequencer” I personally think is best. So I've compiled a list of the best DAWs for working with MIDI drum loops. ALL of these include a MIDI audition feature and that saves you time!

Pros: Inexpensive. Easy drum map creation. Media Explorer shortcuts. Mac version available

Cons: no drum sounds included

Summary: inexpensive and easy to use with a Mac version available. This is a great program if your drum sampler (eg. Battery) or DAW (eg. Logic) does not have the capability to audition MIDI drum loops. Free 30-day trial.

      Pros: FREE. Mac version available. Free kits, instruments and effects. Easy drum maps

      Cons: You can't use 3rd Party VST or AU Plugins such as Battery! This does NOT apply to the paid versions of Studio One.

      Summary: Presonus makes great sound cards and now they've entered the DAW market with a very nice FREE product. If you want to continue using your current DAW, think about using this to work with midi drum tracks. Downloading the free content is a separate step.

        Pros: Mac version available. Free kits, instruments and effects. Easy drum maps. Excellent ready-made effect chains.

        Cons: none

        Summary: It is easy to use and includes a bunch of good effects, instruments and drum kits. Currently, there are several versions so the features and price vary considerably.

          Pros: Mac version available. GrooveAgent One. Powerful, full-featured DAW.

          Cons: Not the best drum map creation.

          Summary: Groove Agent One is okay but the kits are mapped inconsistently. Free 30-day trial.


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