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GetGood Drums Support and MIDI Installation

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GetGood Drums Support

Groove Monkee now officially supports GetGood Drums. All of our MIDI Drum packs now include loops mapped for it. Our files will appear and play in the GGD Groove Player window so you can audition them easily. You do not need to change the mapping either. They work correctly "out of the box".

Downloading Previous Purchases

You may download your purchases again if you need the GGD files. All customers can download from our legacy area: Support menu > Legacy accounts

If you don't have a legacy area password, please use the password reset or contact support at and we'll reset your password.

Installing MIDI Into GetGood Drums

The files you need are in the 'Other MIDI Mappings' of your download.  The GGD folders have 'GGD' at the end.

Note: For the Mega Pack, please install the individual folders inside the 'Mega Pack GGD' folder.

Installing our MIDI files into GGD is just a simple copy and paste. Here are step by step instructions:

1. Find your GGD 'MIDIFiles' folder

  • Open Kontakt and press F1 to open the Browser window, if necessary
  • Select the 'Instruments' drop down arrow just beneath your GGD product
  • Click 'Open containing folder'

2. Copy & paste the Groove Monkee GGD folder(s) into your GGD 'MIDIFiles' folder

3. Close and reload the GGD instrument (if necessary)

The GGD instructions offer an alternative that involves doing a 'Save and re-batch' but it seems like overkill. Feel free to choose either method.

That's all there is to it! Again, you do NOT have to change the GGD map to use our files. They work 'right out of the box'.

Tip: Bookmark the GGD MIDIFiles folder location for faster access in the future.


Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance.

Finally, if you'd like to test a sample of our GGD mapped files for a particular pack, please let us know at: sales at

Enjoy the grooves!

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