Easy Cubase MIDI Auditioning

Easy Cubase MIDI Auditioning

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Are you looking for an easy way to audition MIDI files in Cubase? If so, this post should really help you. You can easily play any MIDI file on your system with just three easy steps.

We've scoured the Groove Agent 5 kits and found some that are mapped per the general MIDI standard an we've even got a short video demonstrating how it's done.

 Watch the Video Here

How to Audition MIDI with Groove Agent 5 SE

Note: These instructions are based on Cubase Elements 10.5. So if your screen looks different, you're probably using a different version. Unless they've really changed things, the concepts should still apply.

1. Add Groove Agent SE to your project

You can drag Groove Agent into Cubase to create an instrument track that will play MIDI. You can use this track to build your song's drum track.

2. Load a drum kit

If you're using Groove Agent 5 SE, the kits listed below are mapped per the GM standard and should work well with any GM-mapped loops.

Note: If you're using the full version of Groove Agent, we supply loops that are mapped for it. Please see our installation documentation for details.

3. Open the Groove Agent File Browser

Groove Agent SE has a file browser window but don't confuse it with the Cubase "Loop Browser" window (which also works well).

A. Click on Groove Agent "load panel" icon (see the image below). Clicking on this icon gives you access to a selection of tabs: Kits, Instruments, Styles, MIDI and Browser.

B. Select "Browser"

Groove Agent Load Panel Icon

You can now open any folder on your system and audition the MIDI loops inside.

Note the controls at the bottom right of the screen below. They include Volume, Play, Loop and Autoplay among others. You'll also find useful information such as the file's tempo and length.

Cubase Browser file information

 Groove Agent 5 SE Kits:

The following kits are be mapped per the GM standard (general MIDI) so you can use them with our Free MIDI Pack or the GM mapped loops included in our MIDI Drum Loop packs.

Kit Name > Genre > Style

Brothers in Need: Rock/Metal > Blues Rock
Connection Established: Rock/Metal > Classic Rock
Isolated: Rock/Metal > Blues Rock
Like a Pony: Rock/Metal > Classic Rock
Passion and Respect: Blues > Acoustic Blues
Trip to Texas: Rock/Metal > Blues Rock
Whistleblower: Rock/Metal > Classic Rock

Note: it seems all of the "Blues" related kits in the "Rock/Metal" category are mapped per the GM standard. Those kits should sound good with almost any style needing an acoustic kit.

That's all there is to MIDI auditioning in Cubase using Groove Agent. There are other methods such as using the "Loop Browser" window. This seems to be the easiest way, however.

If you need assistance or have questions about our products, please let us know. Thanks for reading and good luck!




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