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Using MIDI with Zenbeats

Recently a customer asked about loading MIDI loops into Zenbeats by Roland.

That's a good question but I had no idea. So I downloaded it and tried....

It wasn't easy so I thought I'd share what I've learned in case any of you would like to use MIDI loops inside of what looks like a cool little music app.


Download our Zenbeats MIDI cheat sheet

Download MIDI drum loops for Zenbeats


The first thing I learned is that it's very difficult to find a way to import MIDI - unless I just missed it. The cheat sheet linked above outlines the steps required. But after using it more, I found other ways.

Second, you need to use type 0 MIDI files. Type 1 files appear to be empty after you import them and I didn't get any sound at all.

Third, the kits are limited to MIDI notes 36 through 43 so you're largely going to have to start with kick, snare and hat and build from there. It appears that you can add additional samples to the kits - if you pay to upgrade.

Fourth, Zenbeats won't look inside any folders added to the user 'MIDI patterns' folder. So you're going to have to swap files in and out for each project. However, on at least one screen I found a way to open any folder on my system.

Finally, some good news: you can save MIDI files as Zenbeats "drum patterns" and those are easy to import.

MIDI for Zenbeats

We can supply type 0 files for any purchases you've made - just send an email to and reference the email used to place your order if it's different from the one you're contacting us with.

In summary, I can say that this looks like a cool music program but it will take you time to get used to the interface and work flow. Working with MIDI will be a bit challenging at first but you'll eventually figure it out.

Thanks for reading this mini-post and please contact us if you need assistance or type 0 files for your purchases.

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  • Martin King on

    Thanks for taking the time to do this!

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