Importing MIDI files into Zenbeats v2

Importing MIDI files into Zenbeats v2

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Roland just released Zenbeats version 2 and it's a bit easier to work with MIDI files now. In this post, I'll tell you how to install MIDI loops into Zenbeats, how to import them and how to access the program's editor feature.


Click here to download MIDI loops for Zenbeats

Click here to download our Zenbeats v2 MIDI import guide

Note: Zenbeats needs Type 0 MIDI files. We can supply Type 0 files for any purchases you've made from us. Please contact support with your request.

Installing MIDI Files

First, you need to find your Zenbeats 'MIDI Patterns' folder.

PC location: C:\Users\<user name>\Zenbeats User\MIDI Patterns

Mac location: Users/<user name>/Zenbeats User/MIDI Patterns

You now add folders to the MIDI Patterns folder! This is a big improvement over version 1.

You can copy any folder of Type 0 files you have into the MIDI Patterns folder and they'll be ready the next time you open Zenbeats.

Importing MIDI Files

It takes 3 steps to import a MIDI file into Zenbeats. Open Zenbeats and follow these steps. Here's the page we're starting from...

Zenbeats main page

Step 1

To open the next screen, click on the button as shown below...

 Zenbeats step 2

Step 2

Right click the track icon to open your track options...

Zenbeats track options

Step 3

Click ‘Import MIDI File’ and select a file...

Zenbeats ‘Import MIDI File’ option

Here's how an imported MIDI file (Type 0) will look in Zenbeats:

imported MIDI file in Zenbeats

Remember to use Type 0 files. Type 1 files will appear empty! In my experience, they won't play either. Again, we can supply Type 0 files if you've made any purchases from us.

You can drag loops to the right or left to change their length...

Zenbeats drag file to the right

Opening the Zenbeats Editor

Double click anywhere on the MIDI note data to open the options menu.

Zenbeats Editor menu

Select 'Editor' to edit but as you can see in the image above, there are many other options available from this menu.


Zenbeats version 2 is a nice upgrade. The ability to add folders to the 'MIDI Patterns' folder is a huge improvement. They're still missing the ability to audition MIDI files but there are high priced music programs lacking that ability as well (Logic and Pro Tools, for example). And it's surprising that it doesn't seem to work with Type 1 files.

Zenbeats is a light-weight music-making app that you can run on just about any system. At the very least, it should be a good tool to use when sketching out your musical ideas.



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