MIDI Loops for Ableton Live 8 and 9

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Here's some additional information on using our loops with Ableton Live. Loops for all versions of Live are in our "other midi mappings" folders.

Live 8 Support:

First, you can try our "gm mapped" loops with the standard kits in Live. You results will vary depending on how closely the kit follows the gm (general midi) standard.

Our "Live SD" midi loops are designed to work with the Ableton Live "Session Drums" add-on kits. However, they should work with the following kits included with Live 8:

1. Bright Room Lite Stick
2. British Vintage Lite Stick
3. British Vintage Lite Funky
4. Natural Punch Stick
5. Session Dry Lite Stick
6. Club Sizzle Lite Brush

IF you don't have the Live "Session Drums" add-on kits, you should try the kits listed above first.

Some of the other Live 8 kits will work too. The main issue is that the standard Live 8 kits are not mapped consistently so results will vary.

Live 9 Support:

We have a few options for you depending on which version of Live 9 you have.

1. For versions other than Live 9 Suite, try using our “gm mapped” loops (in our "other midi mappings" folder). Most Live 9 kits generally follow the gm standard but results may vary.

2. We have loops specifically for Live 9 Suite's version of “Session Drums”. You can use the loops stored in the folder labeled with “Live 9 SD”. (in our "other midi mappings" folder also)

3. Live 9 Suite's other drum kits: try our “gm mapped” loops (in our "other midi mappings" folder).

Note: Our full products include gm mapped, "Type 0" files which may be a better choice for Live.

Note: Live 9 Suite's version of “Session Drums” is mapped differently from the previous version (which had to be purchased separately) so we include two sets of loops.

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