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Midi Loops for Ableton Live 9

We officially support Ableton Live 9 Session Drums! If you use Live 9, we have a couple options for midi drum loops:

1.    If you have Live 9 Suite and have installed that version of “Session Drums”, you can use the loops stored in the folder labeled with “Live 9 SD”.

2.    For other Live 9 kits, try using our “gm mapped” loops with Live. Most Live kits generally follow the gm standard. The Live 9 "Session Dry" kit from the Core Library is an example.

The Live 9 Session Drums are packaged in 3 separate, very large downloads at Ableton's site. Again, you need to have Live 9 Suite to have access to the "Session Drums" kits. They're definitely worth the time to download and install.

Groove Monkee customers: The Live 9 SD files were added in August 2013. If you've made a purchase anytime in the past, you may now login and download the Live 9 SD midi loops.

Note: Our downloads have recently been reorganized. You'll find formats like Live 9 SD in the "other midi mappings" folder for each download. These folders were formerly named "supplemental mappings".

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