Need MIDI for your favorite drum sounds? We can help....

Need MIDI for your favorite drum sounds? We can help....

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Since 2004, Groove Monkee has supported the most MIDI mappings and formats in the industry. You can see a full listing per product here. But did you know that we offer a free custom mapping service?

How does it work?

If you make a purchase, we'll remap the files to match one virtual drum kit of your choice. It could be software or hardware-based. You just need to provide the mapping scheme. You can usually it in your product's PDF file.

If necessary, try searching Google or contacting your vendor's customer support.

What if I can't find the mapping?

Feel free to contact us with your request. We may already have it or we may be able to find it for you. 

Sometimes customers figure it out and send us the mapping. It's fairly easy to trigger the sounds in your recording software and write down the MIDI note and instrument.

Tip: try searching for "drum maps"

Sometimes you can find "drum maps" for DAWs like Cubase, Reaper, Studio One ("pitch list"), Cakewalk, etc. If you send us the drum map, we can probably figure it out. Try googling "drum map for [my product]". You'll often find them in posts on music-related forums.

Is it really FREE?

Yes. Here are two recent examples: the BlackSmith kit by Analogue Drums (awesome kits, by the way) and A-List Drummer for Reason. 

Official Support

Sometimes we include mapping in our product downloads. Recently, we added a mapping for the Lyra sampler from Auria Pro by WaveMachine Labs. Many "officially supported" formats we originally request by our customers.

What about your free MIDI loops?

If you can provide the mapping scheme, we'll get you some free loops to try. 

Some cavets

"Kit" means one specific mapping, not every kit from a particular program. For example, a product may contain 20 or more kits, each one mapped differently. Examples: Battery 4 (we provide some B4 kits in our downloads) and Reason Redrum. 

Some kits only have 10 or so pads - not enough to fully support a real drum kit. Sometimes, a kit includes multiple snares and kicks plus percussion instruments and not have other instruments like ride cymbal. We can try to work with such kits but in many cases, they're not the best choice for triggering commercial MIDI files.

What info do you need?

Please send us your order number along with a link to the mapping or a drum map and we'll get it done. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our loops or the remapping service. Thanks for reading!



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