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MIDI Packs for BFD3

All of our MIDI packs include files you can easily import into BFD3. We've been supporting BFD since version 1! We offer a wide range of MIDI drum loops, from ballads to modern metal.

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The files also work with BFD2 and a wide range of drum samples from Addictive Drums to Superior Drummer. We can also remap the files to match any mapping you provide - free of charge.

Note: Afro-Cuban percussion cannot be used in BFD. It requires the percussion samples from Battery 3. It is not compatible with any other programs including Battery 4.

Installation Instructions

Installation is very easy. Each download has a PDF file with a section for BFD3 and other major brands. Here's our BFD3 installation video:

Note: Our BFD2 can be imported into BFD3 with essentially the same procedure. Our PDF guide discusses both options.

In fact, the "BFD3" files were actually created by converting our BFD2 files. That functionality was removed by FXpansion, probably because the files are essentially the same.

Technical Support

We've supported FXpansion products since 2005, all the way back to BFD version 1. We also support BFD Eco.

If you need assistance or have questions, please contact us and we'll get back to you shortly.




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