Groove Monkee Free Loops for Addictive Drums

Free MIDI Loops for Addictive Drums

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We're happy to announce a new set of free MIDI loops for Addictive Drums! These files are properly mapped and formatted for AD. They will appear in the 'Beats' window so you can play, filter and drag-and-drop into your music software.


Free AD MIDI Download

Compatibility: Addictive Drums versions 1 and 2.

Manual Installation Instructions

If you don't want to run our installer (PC only), we've included installation instructions and a link to a video.

For convenience, here are the instructions and the video link.

Video for Manual Installation:

Note: Our Addictive Drums freebie folder can be found in the “Other MIDI mappings” folder of your download. This arrangement mimics our paid product folder structure.

1. Copy our Addictive Drums folder into your Addictive Drums 2 “External MIDI Files” folder.

2. Open AD and choose “Refresh MIDI Library” from the Help Button menu. The AD help button is shaped like a question mark: "?". Please see the image below.

 Addictive Drums Help menu

Hint: folder locations:

Windows example: Documents/Addictive Drums 2/External MIDI Files
Mac OS X example: <user>/Library/Application Support/Addictive Drums 2/External MIDI

NOTE: The <user>/Library folder is hidden in OS X 10.7 or later.

To access the Library folder:

Open Finder, click "Go" in the top menu bar and hold the "option alt" key to make your Library folder appear in the Finder “Go” drop down menu.

Viewing the Loops in Addictive Drums 2

To view our loops in AD2, go to “Library” and select ‘Groove Monkee Freebie AD’.   You should see something similar to the image below.


Technical Support

Here’s a video tutorial we created for our paid products:
It should help to give you the general idea.

If you need assistance, please open a ticket from our Support > Contact Us page.

Enjoy the grooves!

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