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MegaReaper SM Drums Freebie!


Greetings Reaperites!

You may have heard of the massive, super cool FREE drum kit for Reaper by SM Drums. It has up to 127 velocity layers! No, that's not a typo...127!

We'll be supporting this kit and to kick things off, I've remapped the MIDI Freebie pack for the Big and Lite lite SM Reaper kits.

I've already mapped the Progressive Pack for SM Drums and can now convert any pack. If you've purchased some of our MIDI packs and would like the SM Drums version, please open a ticket on the Support page.


Free MIDI Loops: SM Drums Freebie

Drum Kits: Check out the kits here: SM Drums

Lite: There's also a "lite" version if your computer doesn't have the horsepower needed for the big kit.

Reaper MIDI 


MIDI Note Name Files Included

The download also includes Reaper "note name" files for easier editing.

In the image above, you can see the drum mapping on the left. It's a bit tricky getting to the area needed to change the note names so I'm hoping to write something up or make a video soon.

It takes some time to learn how to use this kit in Reaper so please post any questions below.

Enjoy the grooves!

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