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Battery 4 Kits for GM Mapped Loops

Battery 4

Free Battery 4 Kits

To help you use our MIDI loops in Battery 4, we've created a collection of GM mapped kits. There are 8 kits including a complete GM kit with percussion.

Download the kits here

Battery 4 GM kit

Using Battery 4 Kits with MIDI Files

Use our "GM mapped" (general MIDI) files with these kits. The freebies are mapped for GM and if you've purchased MIDI loops, you'll find the gm mapped loops in the "other midi mappings" folder.

Battery 4 Kits Listing

GM Session Kit - acoustic kit
GM SessionX Kit - processed acoustic kit
GM 808 Kit - classic 808 kit!
GM 909 Kit - another classic kit
GM Dot Bomb Kit - Hip Hop kit
GM Dub Remix
GM Kit - acoustic kit with full GM percussion
GM Overtime Kit - Breaks/DnB Kit


1. Copy the kits into your Battery 4 "Kits" folder
Here's where you're likely to find your kits folder:

PC location: C:\Users\[Your Name]\Documents\Native Instruments\Battery 4\Kits
Mac Location: /Users/[Your Name]/Documents/Native Instruments/Battery 4/Kits

2. Rescan Battery kits after copying
- Go to: Edit/Preferences/Library tab/User tab/ 
- Select the user folder and rescan!

3. Loading a kit

- Select "User" kits in Battery
- Select a kit (they all start with "GM")

The first time you load the kit, Battery will display a "missing samples" message.
Click on "Search Library" AND under options, select "Apply to other Battery instances".

If you need assistance let us know and if you'd like me to create a kit or two, let me know which kit to use as a starting point. Enjoy!

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