Beats For Fxpansion Eco

Beats For Fxpansion Eco

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Loops For BFD Eco

All Groove Monkee packs have the specially formatted files that integrate seamlessly with BFD Eco (except Afro-Cuban percussion). Since Eco doesn't import raw MIDI files, we create these specially formatted files for your convenience. This means you can search, filter and audition our grooves from the Eco interface.

BFD Eco Box

Easy Installation

Our products have installers which makes Eco installation a breeze. Installation is a two-step process:

1. Run our installer

2. Rebuild your Eco database

We explain this process in our product "Read Me" file, available in each download.

You'll be able to quickly find our loops inside Eco using Eco's built-in filtering system.


Finding the loops inside Eco

The image below shows Eco's groove filtering system.

To quickly find our loops, select the pack by name. For example, select "Country Outlaws" from the Eco "Library" filter box. This will instantly display all the grooves and fills for the selected library.

BFD Eco Interface

You can also search by genre, time signature, author, etc. You can also filter OUT either grooves or fills.

Note: the Eco filter boxes are configurable. This means that you can choose the search parameter for each of the 4 filter boxes. The example above uses: Genre, Time Signature, Library and Groove/Fill.

Dialing in your sound

Eco ships with several kits but for convenience, Fxpansion created a large selection of presets for almost any genre you can think of. you can also start with a dry kit (no effects) and add your own effects. The possibilities are endless!

The image below shows the location of the Eco preset selection boxes.

BFD Eco Kit presets

Having these presets allows you to quickly find the right sound or to at least get close. you can learn a lot by playing with the effect presets. Try experimenting with the EQ, Compressor and other settings and you'll hear how quickly you can "dial in" your sound.

If you're looking for loops for BFD Eco, please check us out. We have a wide variety and have been making great loops since 2004! Finally, if you have any questions please let us know via email and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Thanks for reading and rock on!


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