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Free MIDI loops for Steven Slate Drums 4

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Free Loops For Steven Slate Drums

Here's a link to some free MIDI files for SSD4. You can use these grooves just like the loops that come with SSD4. All our paid products come with MIDI for SSD4 but now you can "try before you buy".

Download Free MIDI Loops for SSD4

Here's a video showing you how to install MIDI files into Steven Slate Drums 4.

Installation Video


Steven Slate Drums Box

Groove Monkee supports all major MIDI mappings and formats. Please view our MIDI Formats PDF. Our files work in any software that imports MIDI files.

Highly Detailed Recordings

Our MIDI loops are recorded using all available hi-hats: tip, shank closed and open, and various openings. This makes for more detailed and realistic recordings.

Unlike many of our competitors, we do NOT record our drummers in General MIDI! We remap the loops to general midi for those that need the gm mapping.

Usage in Steven Slate Drums

Our MIDI loops are mapped to match Steven Slate Drums EXACTLY. Plus, you can preview the loops in the Steven Slate Drums Groove Browser. You do NOT need to use the SSD drum remap feature!

Steven Slate Drums Groove Browser

How to install MIDI files into Steven Slate Drums

1. Close your host software (Logic, Cubase, Sonar, etc.)
2. Move or copy our Steven Slate freebie (.lib) folder into your SSD4 “Grooves” folder
3. Restart your host and the grooves should appear inside the groove player

Note: your SSD4 “grooves” folder is located in the SSD4 “Library” folder

Example: If you installed SSD4 in your “G:\Programs” folder, look for something like:


Note: Close SSD before installation! If you don't see the grooves, close and restart your music software also (e.g. ProTools, Cubase, Logic, etc.).

Please contact us if you have ANY questions about installing or using our loops.

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