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Posted on April 18, 2015 by Groove Monkee | 2 Comments

Greetings BeatBuddies,

Here's some info to help you use our midi loops with your BeatBuddy.

Tip 1: All of our midi drum loops are less than the BeatBuddy 500 note limit. Users frequently ask about this but the only files we have that are greater than 500 notes are the full-length songs in our "Blues" pack. The 12-bar blues loops in this pack will work without any issues.

Tip 2: Don't use slashes (/) in your BeatBuddy songs! Slashes in song names can slow you down when importing or exporting your songs. Use and underscore (_) instead. For example, this is how you could name a 6/8 rock ballad: "6_8 Rock Ballad" (do not include the quotation marks).

Tip 3: Building songs using our loops in BeatBuddy Manager is easy. Here's a video by Jonathan Aldridge demonstrating how to add midi files to a user song (starting 6 minutes into the video): Watch here

Tip 4: Freebies! Download free drum loops for BeatBuddy here and free drum fills for BeatBuddy here.

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Russ @ Groove Monkee
Russ @ Groove Monkee

January 07, 2016

Hi Peter,

No, you can import midi into the Beat Buddy manaer software and export a .PBF file.

We now supply PBF files with some of our packs (Country, Big Easy, Rock 3 and Led Head Vol. 1) and I’m updating Rock 2 currently. Soon I’ll post a new freebie with a song from each pack that ships with a PBF…but a lot of customers are building their own songs with our midi loops.




October 28, 2015

Not sure how this works, don’t you need a .pbf folder to load midi songs into beat buddy. Couldn’t find the .pbf. Cheers on a great idea.

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