Bass Freebie Pak

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Product Info

This download includes 5 sets of MIDI bass and matching drum loops. The bass parts were played by professional bassist Alex D. Evans. Each set has “A” and “B” bass grooves - most with alternative takes. The drums are 8-bars long and mapped per the general MIDI standard.

The blues set has 12-bar drum loops (hat and ride grooves) and a 12-bar “slow blues” bass line in A.

 Detailed Information about each set is provided below.

Set Information

Here are the chord progressions for each section. NOTE: Each folder starts with the set's tempo information.

    066 6-8 Rock Ballad Key A
      Verse: A/A/F#m/F#m/D/C#m/E/Bm
      Chorus: A/A/E/E/D/Bm/G/E
      Drums from: Groove Monkee Rock 2
        090 Funk Rock Key Bm
          A Groove and B Grooves: B minor vamps
          Drums from: Groove Monkee Big Easy
            115 Swing Key F
              Jazz 2-Beat: F/F/G/G/Bb/C/F/F
              Jazz Walk: F/F/G/G/Bb/C/F/G
              Drums from: Groove Monkee Jazz
                140 Half-Time Rock Key Em
                  A Groove: E minor vamp
                  B Groove: Am/Am/Em/Em/Am/Am/B7/B7
                  Drums from: Groove Monkee Rock Essentials 1
                    080 12-8 Slow Blues Key A
                      Slow Blues: A7/A7/A7/A7/D7/D7/A7/A7/E7/D7/A7/E7
                      Drums from: Groove Monkee Blues (Bonus Section)