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MIDI Files for Ujam Drummers


Groove Monkee now has MIDI drum loops that work with Ujam drummers. The files are mapped to play correctly with any of the Ujam Drummers such as Heavy, Deep or Brute.

 Ujam Drummer interface


We sell MIDI loops for over 2 dozen drum modules such as Addictive Drums. As of March of 2021, we now support Ujam Drummers.

Please note that you cannot install our MIDI files into Ujam Drummers at this time. But you can use them in your DAW (music recording software) to trigger the Drummer sounds.

How to get the files

If you've made a purchase, please email us and request the files. We don't need your order number(s), only the email address you used to make the purchase.


If you have questions about this or about our products in general, please feel free to contact us. Our contact info is available on the top menu > Support > Contact Us.



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