Police Beats MIDI Loops

Police Beats MIDI Loops

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Police Beats MIDI Loops

We're pleased to announce the release of our 35th MIDI drum loop pack, Police Beats based on the legendary, eclectic style and feel of The Police's Stewart Copeland. 

This iconic band's songs featured a mixture of driving rock beats offset against grooves influenced by reggae, jazz and Arabic baladi rhythms. A must-have collection for devotees of this 80's super group!

Groove Monkee Police Beats

Song Format

This pack features sets arranged as "songs" with intros, verses, choruses, bridge and outro. Verse and chorus sections have alternatives along with lots of drum fills.

15 Full Length Tracks

Includes 15 full-length tracks so you can load one file and start jamming immediately.

Multiple Formats Included

We've included over 20 formats and mappings such as Addictive Drums, Beat Buddy, BFD, EZdrummer, GetGood Drums, Steven Slate, Superior Drummer, Ujam Drummer and many more.

Installation instructions are included in each download.

Check out the audio demos, free MIDI and more info on the product page.

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