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Midi Loops For BeatBuddy


Hello BeatBuddies,

Just a quick note to say that our freebie midi loop pack is now available for BeatBuddy. Download it by clicking here.

BeatBuddy Freebie PakThis pack now features a PBF file for easy import PLUS over 200 midi loops mapped especially for BeatBuddy. The loops were selected from over 20 Groove Monkee professional midi packs with grooves and fills covering over 70 musical styles and 10 time signatures.

We also have a BeatBuddy fill freebie featuring 25 common, useful (not over the top) drum fills for rock and pop. You can download that pack here.

 Check 'em out and if you need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. Enjoy the grooves and ROCK ON!

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