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BeatBuddy MIDI Loops


Groove Monkee now supports BeatBuddy, the awesome new "pedal" drum machine by Singular Sound. Many of you have been asking if our loops work with Beat Buddy and the answer is "yes". We now supply MIDI drum loops for BeatBuddy!

Our MIDI loops have been remapped to match Beat Buddy EXACTLY so if you've purchased any grooves from us, please contact sales for instructions on downloading the Beat Buddy loops.

Note: this does not apply to Afro-Cuban Percussion. That pack requires NI Battery percussion samples from Battery 3.

Beat Buddy Installation help

Need help installing our PBF file? Check out this Beat Buddy installation video.

January 2016 Update

PBF files added to Blues Rock, Rock 2 and Retro Funk. Led Head 1 was released with a PBF file.

December 2015 Update:

We added BeatBuddy PBF files for our Big Easy, Country and Contemporary Rock packs.

June 2015 Update:

We have now updated our midi drum loop packs to include loops mapped for BeatBuddy!

As always, your ideas and feedback are welcome. Keep an eye on our Blog and newsletter for additional information as it becomes available.

Rock on!!


Groove Monkee


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