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Reason A-List Drummer Support


We can now supply MIDI drum loops mapped for Propellerheads A-List Drummer. You can download a set of free MIDI files here.

While A-List Drummer is "GM compatible" it has missing several tom and cymbal slots. The toms are also mapped in an unorthodox manner so using GM mapped loops with it can be very challenging.

Paying Customers

If you'd like to use our loops with A-List drummer, please email support at and we'll send you A-List Drummer files for any purchase.

Other Options

We discussed other options for using MIDI drum loops with Reason here. The best option is usually their standard ID8 Drum sounds which are mapped for GM and generally sound good. We also supply loops for the NN-XT Kits and for the now discontinued "Drum Kits Refill". The NN-XT kits are not mapped consistently so your results will vary.

If you use A-List Drummer, please let us know. If there's enough demand, we'll add it to our officially supported formats.

Enjoy the freebies and rock on!

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