How to use General MIDI files in Addictive Drums 2

How to use General MIDI files in Addictive Drums 2

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Using General MIDI files in Addictive Drums 2

We provide properly formatted MIDI loops for Addictive Drums. If you make a purchase, you’ll find our files are mapped correctly, have categories, tempo, time signature and will appear in searches.

We’ve been supporting Addictive Drums since the very beginning and have over 2 dozen packs in AD format. We also include over a dozen other popular mappings like EZdrummer, Superior Drummer, BFD, Steven Slate and many more.

Now we’re happy to provide some FREE MIDI loops for Addictive Drums! While the files are mapped for general MIDI (GM), they will play and display properly in the Addictive Drums “Beats” window.

The secret is this: install them into your “Addictive Drums 2\External MIDI Files\GM” folder. Then refresh your AD2 MIDI library.

Download the free Addictive Drums files here.

The image below shows the free loops in Addictive Drums (click to enlarge)

Addictive Drums Beats Window

The Addictive Drums PowerMap Engine

The PowerMap Engine engine allows you to use MIDI files with different mappings alongside your standard AD files. To do this, you only need to do three things:

  1. Create a ‘keymap’ matching the file’s MIDI mapping scheme (open the Map Window to access the keymap section)
  2. Save your keymap and copy it into a folder with the same name (minus the extension). Don't forget to put the MIDI files in there too!
  3. Refresh your Addictive Drums MIDI library

Note: AD2 ships with a GM keymap and folder - see the ‘Factory GM Keymap and folder’ section below.

After saving the keymap, it will be in your Addictive Drums 2 folder, usually in a folder next to your “External MIDI Files” folder. This is probably in your ‘documents’ folder. On my PC, this folder had the easily recognizable and intuitive name of “293”.

Now here’s the best part. After refreshing your AD2 library, you can use the files with the DEFAULT AD keymap! You don’t need to switch back and forth!

Factory GM Keymap and folder

The good news is that AD2 will install a “GM” folder in your “External MIDI Files” folder. It should include the GM keymap. You only have to put GM mapped files in that folder and refresh your AD MIDI library.

You can make as many keymaps and matching folders as needed. Just remember to name the keymap and folder exactly the same way (minus the extension).  It’s a great and easy way to expand your beat collection.

In case you missed it, here’s the link to our AD Freebie.

Enjoy the grooves and Rock On!





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